Green Roof Systems: Are They Right for Your Company?

The amount of studies, articles, and facts written about green roofs have increased drastically over the last few years, but many business owners still are not fully understanding the benefits they can gain from having a green roof.

Hotels, lofts, and hospitals are the newest front runners to introduce green roofs to their buildings. These business owners are transforming their industrial looking roofs into a beautiful green roof.

With buildings like hotels and hospitals, there may be roof areas visible to customers. Instead of having a simple roofing system that may expose unattractive HVAC units, wires, etc, these areas can have a green roof to give it a new appeal and sustainability benefits. For some structures, this green roof can become a patio or dining area for customers.

The benefits of a green roof can include:

  • Increase building’s marketability
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the Heat Island effect through natural evaporation cycle
  • Reduce storm water runoff
  • Natural filter for rainwater
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Prolonged lifespan when compared to other traditional roofing systems
  • Improve quality of life through aesthetic value

For more information on a green roof system for your building, give us a call. We have a lot of experience installing these systems throughout the metro Atlanta area and are happy to answer your questions and, if you’re interested, provide you an estimate. Sustainable roof design, in principle and practice, is core to our business model.


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