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Safety first, always

When it comes to safety, Sentry Roof Services goes above and beyond the guidelines.

We are fully committed to preventing injuries and fatalities — our team members are like family to us, and we want everyone we work with to have the utmost confidence in our skills. Sentry trains all team members according to OSHA standards so they know the types of hazards they could encounter on the job and what to do about them if they do.

Each member of the Sentry Roof Services team is OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified — technicians are OSHA 10 certified and supervisors are OSHA 30 certified. All Sentry personnel are also Red Cross certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

Our safety guidelines, training, safety equipment, audits, and on-site precautions go beyond OSHA and the Red Cross standards. We’re convinced this is an important part of the reason we’ve enjoyed an excellent reputation in the industry for more than three decades.

The most comprehensive safety training

We conduct major safety training at least quarterly, and minor safety training several times a year. Roofing skills training occurs continually. Our training covers these topics and many others:

  • Hazards

  • First Aid/CPR/AED

  • Fall protection for specific scenarios

  • Specialized training including high-fall rescue

In-House OSHA 500 safety trainer

Our in-house, comprehensive safety training program is led by Rick Langheim, an OSHA 500 trainer. Rick has worked in the roofing industry for decades and, before moving to Georgia, he spent 10 years as a professional ski patroller and ski patroller trainer in Idaho. He piggybacked his patroller experience with his construction experience to be eligible for OSHA 500 training. Rick is one of the few trainers in Georgia certified to teach high-fall rescue training.

Every four years Rick is back at Georgia Tech, the premier OSHA outreach program in the U.S., completing the week-long OSHA 502 to maintain his status as an OSHA 500 trainer. He completed his most recent training in early 2017.

EMR, wallet cards and safety plans

Sentry provides our current EMR (Experience Modification Rate) to clients and prospective clients. The EMR is a number that represents a company’s workers comp claims history and safety record that’s calculated using a formula that includes number and types of incidents. It’s used to determine insurance rates but general contractors, project managers and building owners also use it to find roofing contractors with proven safety records. Sentry’s EMR consistently comes in under 1.0, which means we’re considered safer than average.

Sentry provides two other things that are part of a reputable roofing contractor’s standard operating procedure — written, job-specific, OSHA-compliant safety plans for each project and copies of crew member wallet cards confirming their current OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certifications and First Aid certifications. If a project calls for special certifications, such as those required to drive certain types of equipment, we provide those in advance as well. Our crew keeps their wallet cards on their persons while working on job sites.

Comprehensive skills training

We train our crew to meet our high standards. Even employees who come to us with five or more years of roofing experience usually need some additional instruction in doing it the Sentry way. Skills training is conducted by our experienced staff, most of whom have 30+ years roofing experience, and includes: 

  • Class instruction using our mock-up roof section

  • Roofing application methods and techniques

  • Product-specific presentations by manufacturer’s reps and technical specialists

  • Special sessions on specific skill sets

Natural aptitude and surprise inspections

Our team members will naturally gravitate or show aptitude to one of our four main specialty areas, and we work with them to build these skills first. Over the years, we rotate team members among different crews, which has resulted in a lot of our crew members having a lot of excellent skills!

Sentry makes a significant investment in educating our team members — we’re picky about who we hire and want every one of them to be with us for a long time.

Sentry also makes good use of internal and external audits — if any one of our crew has so much as an untied shoelace, we want to know about it! That might sound like overkill (and it probably is), but we’ve found that being nit-picky about safety issues sets a good foundation and pays off.

The best equipment

The best training isn’t enough without the proper equipment. Sentry provides our crews with the most effective and advanced equipment for each of our commercial roofing projects. From ladders and harnesses to boots and toeholds, our professionals use the safest, most appropriate equipment for each project — we inspect all equipment daily. We also have two full arrest carts, which few commercial roofing companies choose to invest in. Sentry is absolutely serious about safety and does not cut corners.

Customized planning to match your company’s project

We want everyone to know how to be safe on the job. Sentry Roof is glad to share our training expertise with your company by working with your team to develop customized safety plans for the projects we work on together. Roofing projects can take weeks or months to complete, so by planning together we will have the best assurances for a safe outcome for everyone.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our highly effective safety and training program.


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