Roof Construction


New roofs constructed on time, on budget, correctly, and safely

If you’re general contractor constructing a new building, you have a vision for how you want the project to be completed. Sentry Roof will work with you to see your vision through to fruition.

Over the past 35 years we have worked on new construction projects that range from shopping centers to hotels to manufacturing plants — many of them highly complicated. Our team understands the:

  • Complexities of large-scale commercial construction projects
  • Importance of being highly prepared, organized, and safe
  • Ability to execute successfully according to plan
  • Requirement to support other teams working on your project

And while we’re there to do our job, our superintendents and crew go out of their way to collaborate with management and other trades. It all starts with estimating the job correctly.

We construct new roofs for:

  • Commercial, Office and Retail

    Office parks, strip centers, freestanding buildings, warehouses

  • Hospitality and Recreation

    Hotels, private clubs, sports facilities

  • Residential

    Multi-family, lofts, mixed use

  • Aviation and Industrial

    Airports, hangars, manufacturing plants

  • Institutions

    Universities, schools, medical facilities

  • Multi-System Projects

    Shopping centers, churches, private clubs

Accurate and complete project estimates

When Sentry estimates a project, our experienced estimators and project managers study everything very carefully, including:

  • Plans
  • Specs
  • Codes
  • Performance criteria

This enables us to identify potential conflicts that might become a problem during construction. Once we’ve done that, we can arrive at the most reliable estimate for the items requested.

If we need more information or have a question, we first triple-check to make sure it’s not already included, regardless of the complexity of the documentation.  While it takes more effort on our part to estimate using this approach, we believe submitting an estimate that has exclusions is not complete. Incomplete estimates leave GCs in the position of having to do unnecessary work or, worse, deal with the gaps once construction is underway.

Sentry Roof’s bids are complete, comprehensive, and clear and deliver exactly what has been requested of us.

Potential refinements that benefit your project

Sometimes, while estimating, we come across items to discuss further. These relate to what we believe the project is trying to accomplish or potential issues we see related to the roofing system or its construction. For example, we might see:

  • How revising the process might improve workflow related to construction of the roof
  • How scheduling might be revised to avoid hot buttons between trades or to reduce costs
  • How using materials that are equally effective but less expensive might benefit the project’s bottom line
  • How addressing potential issues with standards or codes might be helpful on the front end

If any of these things come up, we let you know and are ready to discuss them when you are. Our goal is the same as yours — land the project and execute it successfully. We want to work on the next project, too.


Sentry Roof Services warranties all new construction. We offer a two-year workmanship warranty in conjunction with manufacturer’s warranty of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years — 20-year warranty is the most popular. A manufacturer’s inspector will look at four factors to determine the warranty period for your roof: the substrate, insulation, membrane and details like flashing. We are often able to provide the warranty even before the inspector visit because of our reputation and rapport with manufacturers.

Managing projects

Once Sentry has been hired to construct a new roof, we will:

  1. Put safety first

Sentry Roof’s EMR (safety modifier) is a testament to the quality of our training. We have an in-house safety department lead by an OSHA 500 certified trainer who runs a year-round training program. Each Sentry Roof crew member is OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified, and Red Cross certified in First Aid/CPR/AED. We include our EMR and certification information in our prequalification statement. We also have who conduct random safety inspections of our job sites — it’s very effective.

  1. Plan and meet schedules

Our project manager oversees crews of five to 15 members, depending on the size of the project. Once a crew is assigned to a project the same crew will work on it from start to finish, with only exception being when different crews are needed for different phases of the project — for example, roofing construction and sheet metal installation are different skill sets. Sentry takes great care to assign crew that are well-suited for the type and scope of each project. Unlike other roofing contractors, most of our crew have been part of the Sentry family for many years so we know them well and can match them to projects successfully.

  1. Follow best practices on the job and in the back office

Sentry managers, crew and office staff are hard-working, conscientious, and follow the project requirements to the most minute detail. We submit reports at the end of each day through our online reporting platform. This way GCs can review each day’s progress and have a running log of the entire roof construction project, including who was on site, what they did, how long it took, and any issues that came up. We include photos. We also submit closeout paperwork promptly so GCs don’t have to come looking for it.

  1. Keep the project on budget

We stand by the estimate we submit to the CG. We use the information recorded in our online reporting platform to inform our weekly review meetings on project costs and schedules. Sentry believes it is our responsibility to deliver on time and on budget, and unless there are unforeseen circumstances that arise after the bid is submitted, any errors in estimating the project are on us.


Constructing the best roofing system for your needs is job one.

Sentry works with you and your other trades to construct your new roof on time and on budget in accordance with your exact requirements.

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