Commercial re-roofing services you can trust

Whatever type of commercial roof you have —  low slope, steep sloped, or metal — our professionals will install a new, warrantied roof that will protect your property for years to come. We will either cover your existing roof or tear it off and replace it with all-new materials, depending on your goals and budget. Or we can use a combination of the two, integrating recycled materials (like insulation) from your existing roof into your new roof.

We can even transform your commercial roof into a green, vegetated roofing system to reduce your energy costs and prolong the life of your roof.

All commercial re-roofing projects come with a warranty from our full range of warranty programs that cover from 10 to 30 years. But first comes careful planning, budgeting, and advanced troubleshooting.

Professional, safe and service-oriented

  • Keep you fully informed every step of the way

  • Strictly follow all OSHA regulations and take even more safety precautions

  • Collaborate closely with any other construction professionals working on your project

  • Provide quick access to top-grade supplies through our long-standing relationships with respected materials manufacturers

  • Sweat the details while sticking to the even the tightest schedule

  • Follow up with you regularly to make sure you are completely satisfied

Goals, budgets, modeling and solving unique roofing challenges

After we evaluate your roof and its current condition, we look at it through the lens of roof asset management and sustainable design based on your specific goals and budget. We address any special situations up front — such as drainage issues, building movement, mechanical equipment, access demands, or a variety of roof types integrated into one roofing system — and determine how much of your existing roof can be retained, if any.

Sometimes, even if most of the roofing material must be replaced, we can salvage some existing insulation to help reduce your expenses and reduce the amount of debris headed for a landfill. 

Our roof price modeling system allows us to run multiple design variations to show you possible alternatives and additional benefits. The proposal you receive from Sentry Roof Services will be a comprehensive re-roofing plan. We will gladly present it in person to your board members or other governing bodies or individuals if you want us to.

Annual three-year roofing capital budget

If you’re an existing Sentry Roof Care subscriber, you have the benefit of a complete set of maintenance reports — including  an annual three-year roofing capital budget and photos from past years — to inform the entire proposal process. Which means you’ll already know about the condition of your roof and its unique challenges, and know what we believe is in your best interest over time as a building manager or owner. 

Flexible scheduling to meet your needs

We know you’re busy and have a lot of responsibilities that have nothing to do with roofing.

Sentry Roof Services holds your scheduling requirements as a top priority. We work as quickly as we can and will work with you to arrange weekend or off-hour schedules, if that’s what’s best. And if we can’t work on your roof because it’s raining, we’ll find other ways to ensure your commercial roofing project stays on schedule.

Warranties — manufacturer and workmanship

Once your re-roofing project is complete and you’re satisfied with the results, Sentry Roof Services wants to continue providing you service and peace of mind through one of our commercial warranties. You can choose from 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year warranty packages.


If you think it’s time to replace your existing roof, please get in touch.

A roof evaluation is the place to start. We’ll discuss your options, including covering your existing roof, tearing it off and replacing it, or using a combination of the two.

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