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Commercial Roof Maintenance extends roof life

As roofing professionals who fix problems caused by lack of maintenance, we enthusiastically recommend an annual commercial roof maintenance program. Maintained roofs typically last at least 25% longer — that’s typically an additional five to eight years.

Sentry Roof Care is custom-designed for your unique roof and objectives and is available for any size and type of commercial roofing system.

We’ll inspect your roof once or more times a year (depending on your needs), perform all tasks necessary to maintain your warranty and provide a comprehensive report with photos with each visit. Each year we also provide a three-year capital budget for your roof so you can plan ahead.

“As soon as I get a property, they come out and do a roofing analysis for me and we immediately put the building on their yearly roof repair and maintenance program, Sentry Roof Care. Once a year, the analysis is redone and they recommend what work we need to do to keep the roofs in the best possible condition. This plan has been incredible as it has saved us so much money on repairs just taking care of the little things that could cause us bigger problems down the road. My roofs, no matter how old they are, are in excellent condition to withstand any kind of weather due to this once-a-year program. Their knowledge also warns us of any possible major problems that could occur down the road and try to head it off if we are not ready to replace a roof or do major work on it.”

7 services performed with each visit

  • Remove Debris

  • Clear Drainage System

  • Inspect All Materials

  • Inspect Roof Penetrations

  • Complete Minor Repairs and Sealing

  • Provide A Comprehensive Report With Photos

  • Pricing For Any Needed Repairs

Solve problems early to avoid risk and reduce costs

Inspections reduce the likelihood of leaks because we can identify and address issues before they become major problems, including:

  • Debris that restricts water flow and runoff
  • Contaminants that are being discharged on your roof
  • Damage from severe weather (like hail)
  • Damage caused by careless personnel who have serviced mechanical equipment
  • Roof additions or alterations that have become compromised

Your roof will perform better, last longer, and cost less over its lifetime with Sentry Roof Care.

Sentry Roof Care also includes:


We’ll send you a comprehensive Sentry Roof Care report after each visit that documents your roof’s condition and includes photos for your records. If we find any problems, we’ll offer solutions that align with your goals and budget.

Plus, once a year your report includes an annual three-year roofing capital budget so you know what’s coming down the pipeline — no extra charge.


As a Sentry Roof Care annual maintenance program subscriber you enjoy preferred customer status:

  • Discounted rates on all Sentry Roof services, including re-roofing
  • Priority scheduling, including for emergencies
  • Cancel your subscription at any time — no commitment


Our technicians use iPads to complete checklists, take pictures and enter information about your roof directly into our network — it’s the most convenient way to collect and store information.

It’s also the best way to share information with you right away. You’ll be able to see full-size photos before we leave your property.


Give your commercial roof the TLC it needs to protect your property. 

Our Sentry Roof Care program includes inspections, photos, reports, and all the tasks necessary to maintain your warranty. Our goal is to extend the life of your roof and investment.

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