Sentry Roof Repairs


Fast, effective commercial roof repair at a fair price

Sentry Roof Services responds to calls about repair work — even basic repairs — with the same commitment as major projects. 

Unlike other commercial roof leak repair companies, we like repair work. It helps us learn your roofing system. The process of diagnosing where the water is coming from gives us insights that aren’t always possible when looking on the top of a roof. And the more we know about how your roof is performing, the better advice we can give you when it comes to major issues like re-roofing. 

If your roof is leaking now and you need a repair right away, please visit our Report a Leak page. 

Completed on the spot: basic commercial roofing repairs 

Our technicians know how to repair every type of commercial roof and almost always have the materials on the truck to fix your leak on the spot. This is our Basic Repair Service that we offer for a flat fee. We’ll send you photos of the completed work and keep all images on file with your records. The vast majority of leaks are basic — we find it, fix it, and we’re done. 

Examples of basic repairs include fixing:

  • Holes and punctures caused by rooftop activity or abuse

  • Lap problems in the membrane, such as a cold weld that has come apart

  • Deteriorated sealant that has failed over time

  • Splits or cracks in built-up roofs

  • Poorly installed repairs due to improper cleaning or surface preparation — very common!

  • Storm damage caused by wind or hail

Completed after a proposal: complex commercial roofing repairs: 

Some leaks are more complex. If we can’t complete a permanent repair on the spot, we’ll do the best temporary fix that we can and submit a proposal for a permanent solution. We’ll act quickly to move your project along to prevent further damage but, as always, our team will not pressure you. Our goal is to fix the problem permanently.

Here are some examples of repairs that will need to be estimated:

  • Damage from a remodeling project

  • Modification to roof drainage

  • Replacement of large sections of membrane

  • Replacement of custom metal flashing due to poor or inadequate design

  • Replacing or adding a skylight

Yes, we warranty our repair work!

Sentry Roof Services has long-standing relationships with many roofing material manufacturers and provides warranty coverage on any work we perform. If the problem is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, we will work with the manufacturer and make sure that all work is performed within their product specifications. We will also notify you ahead of time when items are not covered by a warranty so there are never any surprises.

Do you need commercial roof repair right now?

Visit our Report a Leak page so we can get you taken care of!