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Decades of experience with all commercial roof systems

We manage commercial roof systems for customers with every type of commercial roof. Roofs that are old or new, flat or steep, vegetative or clay — our teams have the training and on-the-job experience to keep them performing at their best. Some of our team members have been working with commercial roofing systems for thirty or more years and have seen a remarkable evolution in materials, installation methods, and best practices.

Our goal is to help you understand your property’s unique roofing system so you can make informed decisions about managing it.

Systems highlights

  • Low-slope roofs — flat roofs are the most popular commercial systems

    Appropriate for flat roofs or roofs with less than a 3:12 (usually about 2%) slope, these roofs are typically used on industrial buildings, medical complexes, shopping centers and warehouses. We use environmentally friendly, economical and lightweight single-ply systems, such as EPDM, TPO, and built-up roofing systemsmodified bitumen roofing systems, and hybrid roofing systems (which are combinations of different single-ply systems). All provide value and longevity. 

  • Steep-slope roofs — no slope is too steep

    Steep slope roofs have a slope greater than 3:12 (more than 25% slope angle). Office buildings, universities, apartment complexes, hotels and churches often have steep-sloped roofs. We offer a wide selection of appropriate roof system types, including three-tab shingle, architectural shinglewooden shingletile and slate roofing systems, plus the synthetic versions of slate and tile. 

  • Architectural metal roofs — steep slope that can be highly customized

    The demand for steep-sloped metal roofing is growing for good reason. It’s easy to maintain, can reduce heating and cooling expenses and lasts a long time. Our crews are at the leading edge of the metal roofing technologies and excel at custom work — your metal roof will be water-tight with no chance of random leaks or cracks developing due to installation.

  • Slate and Tile — roofs made from natural materials last the longest

    You can expect a slate or tile roof to last up to 100 years or more — they’re considered the best roof available. They are natural products that are either mined from the earth or fired like earthenware, and the individual pieces can be removed for cleaning or repurposing. While attractive and sustainable they’re also challenging to install and repair correctly. We have experienced crews who have worked on some of Atlanta’s most notable slate and tile roofing systems.

  • Vegetative — lightweight, "living" roof layer protects what’s underneath

    Vegetative roofing creates a living, breathing environment on top of your commercial building. Unlike a simple “garden roof,” which can be heavy and difficult to maintain, green roofs are fully-engineered, lightweight systems that offer a variety of benefits, including energy efficiency and increased longevity. They typically consist of a high-quality waterproofing membrane over a roof deck, a filter, drainage and irrigation system.

Please see our Guide to Commercial Roofing Systems: Pros and Cons for more information.

Manufacturers who care about value and longevity as much as we do

To get the best roof for your purposes, you need to use the most appropriate materials. This includes materials for the visible layers of your roof, such as shingles, metal, membranes, and asphalt, and the materials that aren’t visible, such as substrates and adhesives.

Sentry Roof partners with the industry’s top roofing material manufacturers and offers a wide range of products. The materials we use have proven track records and warranties from companies that stand by their products so you can feel confident your roofing system will do its job.

Here are our preferred broad line and specialty roofing materials manufacturers:

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All commercial roofing systems. Decades of experience. 

Trust Sentry to explain which specific materials will work best for your roof construction or re-roofing project and why.

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