Sentry Roof FAQS


FAQ: Budgets & Business

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1. What is the best roof?

Obviously, a roof installed by Sentry Roof Services! Kidding aside, there are a lot of options depending on your building, priorities, usage, and finances. Whether the roofing system is TPO, EPDM, modified, or a gravel-surfaced built-up roof, each has its pros and cons and performs well when installed by a skilled and conscientious contractor team.

I can best serve you by asking a few questions to understand your goals and priorities. Usually, we can find a very good solution that meets your needs while we work through the options. We’re happy to provide as much (or little) roofing history and other detail as you want along with our recommendation.

2. Is my job is too small for you guys?

Absolutely not! The heart and soul of our business has always been our service department.  We handle dozens of small jobs every day very effectively. Sometimes if we have a lot of rain and a big temperature change we can get busy handling emergency work but in the typical day, week or month, we can definitely handle small jobs, and do. Our priorities are not driven by job size.

3. How much should I budget for a commercial roof?

That’s a big question because there are a lot of factors that influence cost. The only way to get a good idea of actual cost is with a professional budget estimate. If you are currently in the Sentry Roof Care program, it’s included in your annual report at no extra charge. If you’re not a program subscriber and think you may need a new roof, your best next step is let us know you’re concerned about your roof’s condition and we’ll come give you a preliminary estimate and a time frame for budgeting.

4. Do you work outside of the Atlanta area?

Yes, we service all of North Georgia and travel to complete major re-roofing projects for clients who have properties in other parts of the country.