Photo Galleries: View Our Work

These three sets of photo galleries give you the opportunity to take a close look at some of our roofing projects — both completed and in-progress.

As a full-service commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential roofing contractor based in metro Atlanta, we work on all types of low-slope and steep-slope roofing projects.

The ones you see here are just a handful of the thousands we’ve successfully completed since starting to partner with property owners and managers in 1982.

We hope you take a moment to look through our all of our:

Featured Projects

The dozen or so projects we’re featuring here provide you with more than pretty pictures of beautiful roofs.

You learn:

  • The project specifications
  • A little of the backstory
  • Some of the most interesting (or odd) facts about the project

Viewed as a portfolio, you’ll also be able to better understand the scope of Sentry Roof’s capabilities and the types of clients we work with.

To find out even more about a particular project, click the Related Post link for the blog post that tells the whole story.

Slideshows of Roofing In Progress

It’s not often you get to see for yourself how a commercial roofing project comes together. Even if it’s your own roof that’s being worked on, it’s unlikely you’re up on the roof with the crews.

These slideshows give you:

  • A first-hand look into some typical projects (and some not-so-typical ones, too)
  • Details about what we’re doing and why
  • Insight into step-by-step processes

Some of the projects are for clients that have worked with Sentry for decades, trusting us to honestly and effectively install, manage, maintain, and repair their roofs.


Our crews are working all day almost every day (and some nights, too, if it’s more convenient for our clients). It’s hard work that requires a lot of skill sets, knowledge about different materials and water behavior, coordinated teamwork, accountability, and strict adherence to standards — including safety standards.

We’re tenacious when it comes to details, too. Even if very few people will ever see our work first-hand, you can be assured that your roof will not only perform well but it will look good, too. Quality control is at the core of every project.

If we can help keep your commercial roof in good shape or offer advice on a new one, please let us know! PROTECTION STARTS AT THE TOP