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If you want to learn more about commercial and industrial roofing systems — and how to manage them to your best advantage — please feel free to download our resources.  See our comprehensive commercial roofing guides, roof management insights papers, and infographics on specific issues that owners and property managers face.

Commercial Roofing Guides

Commercial roofing information that every property owner and manager should know

If commercial roofing isn’t what you usually think about, we’ve prepared some guides to help you navigate the basics. One guide provides an overview of the types of available commercial roofing systems, including the pros and cons of each. The other describes the different warranties that cover roofing materials and installation so you can understand what your current warranties cover and what to look for in new warranties you buy.

Your commercial roof is a significant investment in your property. It also plays an extremely important role — protect your building and all of its contents. The more you know about what you own or are considering buying, the better your decisions will be.

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties-inset

Roof Management Insight Reports

Detailed analysis and advice to help you manage your commercial roof asset

Managing a commercial roof involves a lot of decision making — what should you do and when? Who is best qualified to advise you? How should your goals for the property affect your decisions about your roof?

From strategic planning decisions to choosing which contractor to hire when it’s time to replace your roof, these roof management reports present important details you may not have considered. Be prepared in advance to discuss your roof, your priorities, your concerns, and your definition of value and know what to look for when comparing roofing proposals.

How To Talk About Strategy
7 Keys to Comparing Commercial Roof Proposals


At-a-glance commercial roofing concept and recommendations

Do you want a quick, easy way to understand the principles of commercial roofing without having to wade through a lot of words? We’ve got you covered.

This series of infographics covers topics as broad as sustainable roof design and the major changes to commercial roofing over the past few decades to finding roof leaks, maintaining and inspecting your roof, and protecting your roof from the sun’s damaging rays.


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