5 Big Changes in Modern Roofing

[Infographic] 5 Big Changes In Modern Commercial Roofing

5 Big Changes In Commercial RoofingWhen Sentry Roof Services was founded in 1982, things were a lot different in the commercial roofing industry. Safety regulations were practically non-existent, TPO hadn’t been invented yet, not much thought was given to environmental impact, and the cloud was a puffy thing in the sky. Much of what defines high-quality commercial roofing services today is based on improvements in technology, materials and best practices.

Sentry Roof is extremely pleased that the industry as a whole has become more professional and accountable, and that roofing activities are much safer for our employees — from the safety equipment we use to the hazardous materials we don’t use.

Raising the bar across the board serves everyone well.

When roofing contractors follow guidelines, invite oversight, protect employees and the environment, and work closely with corporate offices to develop strategic plans and capital budgets that work for their specific situations, everyone wins.

Here’s an infographic that summarizes the five biggest changes that Sentry Roof president Bill Lomel has seen over the years and wrote about in 5 Big Changes In Commercial Roofing Since My Family Founded Sentry Roof in 1982.

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