5 Big Changes in Modern Roofing

[Infographic] 5 Big Changes In Modern Commercial Roofing

5 Big Changes In Commercial RoofingWhen Sentry Roof Services was founded in 1982, things were a lot different in the commercial roofing industry. Safety regulations were practically non-existent, TPO hadn’t been invented yet, not much thought was given to environmental impact, and the cloud was

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[Infographic] Why Sustainable Roof Design Is Smart Business

Designing sustainable commercial roofs is a mindset. It starts with the concept of not using more limited resources than you need, whether those resources are building materials, energy to heat or cool your building, or the money you use to

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Infographic: Safety Equipment

[Infographic] How To Stay Safe On Roofs

Infographic: safety equipmentWorking on commercial roofs is serious business — every day crews put their safety on the line. With the proper training to earn their OSHA certifications, practice using the right personal protection equipment and fall arrest systems, and understanding exactly

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Roof Maintenance Reasons

[Infographic] 7 Reasons To Get An Annual Roof Maintenance Program

infographic: Roof Maintenance ReasonsMaintaining your commercial roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your roof asset and everything inside your building.

Even new roofs need maintenance — roofs that are well-maintained from installation onward perform as required

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Infographic: 6 Roof Inspection Qs

[Infographic] Commercial Roof Inspection Questions

Sentry Infographic: 6 Roof Inspection QuestionsWhen it comes to buying or selling a property, the roof plays a major role in the financial negotiations. Yet there’s more to it than simply knowing the type of roof and how much warranty coverage remains.

A commercial roof

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Roof Surface Temps

[Infographic] Roof Surface Temperatures

infographic roof surface temps2While you’re enjoying an iced tea in your air conditioned office on a hot, sunny day, the roof over your head may be taking a beating. Especially if it’s a dark color or unpainted metal.

The hotter the roof surface

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Infographic: Do Not Disturb-Featured

[Infographic] Do Not Disturb! 7 Ways To Make Your Next Re-roofing Project Less Annoying

Infographic: Do Not DisturbJust because your property needs a new roof, it doesn’t mean the people who live or work at your property will be as excited as you are about getting it installed. The re-roofing process is a major, labor-intensive experience and,

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Infographic: Leak Detective

[Infographic] How To Be a Good Roof Leak Detective

Infographic: Leak DetectiveDiscovering the source of a commercial roof leak can be tricky — where water enters a roofing system and where it shows up inside the building is rarely a straight line.

Here’s an infographic that describes the two types of

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Infographic leak-specialist

[Infographic] Two Types of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Services

installer-v-leak-specialistInstaller versus leak specialist — which should you choose when it’s time to fix your roof leak? There’s a big difference.

Here’s an infographic that describes how each type of contractor typically approaches fixing a roof leak.

Sure, you expect

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infographic 4 kinds of roof leaks

[Infographic] 4 Kinds of Roof Leaks You Can Prevent With Maintenance

4 KINDS OF LEAKSWho wants roof leaks? Not you!

Here’s an infographic that describes the most common leaks your commercial roof can experience.

But you can avoid these kinds of roof leaks. Have a professional inspect and maintain your roof. Most commercial …

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