Roof Surface Temps

[Infographic] Roof Surface Temperatures

infographic roof surface temps2While you’re enjoying an iced tea in your air conditioned office on a hot, sunny day, the roof over your head may be taking a beating. Especially if it’s a dark color or unpainted metal.

The hotter the roof surface temperatures, the less energy efficient a roof can be. And if your roof isn’t well-insulated, a hot roof can also heat up the interior of your building.

A cool roof, on the other hand, can save energy, extend the life of your roof, help reduce the urban heat island effect, and even reduce heat radiation to the point of being able to resize your AC requirements. Something as simple as painting your roof so it reflects the sun can make a big difference. For example, a black roof painted with a reflective coating can keep the surface up to 68 degrees cooler on a scorching summer day.

Check out this infographic to compare the temperature differences between the hottest roof surface, the coolest roof surface, and all the surfaces in between.

For more information about commercial roof surface temperatures, see our blog post How Hot Does Your Commercial Roof Really Get In The Summer? And if you have any questions or are ready for the benefits of a cooler roof, please contact us here at Sentry Roof.

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