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[Infographic] Do Not Disturb! 7 Ways To Make Your Next Re-roofing Project Less Annoying

Infographic: Do Not DisturbJust because your property needs a new roof, it doesn’t mean the people who live or work at your property will be as excited as you are about getting it installed. The re-roofing process is a major, labor-intensive experience and, depending on the property, it has the potential to interfere with normal operations. But there are ways to make your next re-roofing project less annoying — communication is key.

Here’s an infographic that describes seven things you and your roofing contractor can do to make the process less intrusive for everyone.

Before you begin, it helps to understand the re-roofing process and the types of disturbances you can expect. Then hire a contractor (like Sentry Roof) who listens to your concerns and works hard to make your re-roofing process less annoying!

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