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Roofing Repair Contractor: 8 Reasons To Choose a Full-Service Provider Instead of a Repair-only Provider


No one likes to think about it but if you own or manage a commercial property, sooner or later you’re going to have a roof leak. If you don’t already have a relationship with a roofing contractor you value and trust, you might be tempted to contact the first roofing repair contractor who comes up on your Google search.

But when it comes to actual value, using a full-service contractor with a dedicated service department is better than using a repair contractor. Here’s why:

1. A full-service provider is an expert on all things roofing, including being accountable

Sentry Roof - Repairs

Repairing a leak at Grand Buffet Restaurant

Whatever your roofing issue, there’s a system for that! Established full-service roofing contractors have repair departments and installation departments that use proven, refined methodologies for solving your roofing problems. These departments share knowledge with one another so the total body of knowledge is greater than repair-only roofers. They have systems in place to dispatch, track, repair, report and maintain accurate records, and they discuss projects in meetings — what worked? What didn’t? How can we do better? People who hire full-service commercial roofers expect a high-level of service, quality of workmanship, and accountability — and they’re more likely to get it.  

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between a full-service commercial roofing contractor and a commercial roof installer. A full-service contractor handles everything related to commercial roofs, from repairs to maintenance to re-roofing to new construction. Installers, on the other hand, install roofs. And sometimes they send installers to do roof repairs. Always choose an experienced roof repair specialist over a roof installer to fix your leak.

2. A full-service provider knows which repair techniques work best over the long term

With installation and repair teams attend the same company meetings, it’s a real benefit for leak-repair customers. Installation crews must follow specific procedures and jump through a lot of hoops related to materials and workmanship so new roofing systems will not only perform at their best but also pass inspections and earn warranty coverage. Unless a repair project is a warranty job, on the other hand, it’s not likely there will be any inspection.

Repair-only contractors are not accustomed to having to meet third-party standards or to think at that level of detail. There’s a lot to be said for tried-and-true processes and best practices — they work! Which means buildings stay dry inside.

3. A full-service provider knows about your roof type no matter what type it is

A full-service roofing contractor that’s been in business for a couple of decades can most likely deal with any kind of roofing problem on any kind of roofing system — the diversity of work experience definitely pays off. The superintendents and crews are experienced with low-slope, steep-slope single-ply, metal and, sometimes, vegetative, tile and slate. And they’ve worked with all of the different roofing materials, from TPO and EPDM to asphalt. Your roofing system won’t stump them.

4. A full-service provider has experts on hand — no roofing problem is unsolvable

Your roof leak won’t stump a full-service provider either. Full-service roofing repair contractors send the best technician for the job and, if needed, can escalate tricky problems to higher-level experts who are on staff and who actually like a good challenge. Even if your roof leak is especially complex or unusual, a superintendent who has been responsible for diagnosing hundreds of roof leaks will figure it out. These experts often have additional training and certifications, and their deep well of knowledge makes for more dependable work and for getting it right the first time.

5. A full-service provider understands how different roofing systems work together

Sentry Roof - Repairs

Repairing a leak at Loftman Lofts

A lot of commercial roofing systems are actually made up of more than one kind of roof. You may have one of these and not even know it. Older properties or properties that have been expanded are likely to have two or more types of roofs that are joined together. In these situations, it can be particularly challenging to figure out where a leak is coming from or what type of repair would be best.

A full-service roofing repair contractor will look at the entirety of the roof and take into account all of the details of each roofing system and how they work together. Another detail they’ll think about? Unintended consequences of a leak repair made on one system to the performance of an adjacent system. It’s always best to know what to expect down the road before committing to a repair approach.

6. A full-service provider can make valuable recommendations

When you keep using the same full-service provider, over time that provider will develop an ever-increasing understanding of your unique roofing system and the property it protects. Which means over time the recommendations they provide get more valuable because they’re more insightful.

Some full-service providers also offer the added value written documentation for long-term roof management planning, which is important for your annual budgeting.

7. A full-service provider can handle repairs faster next time

Once you’ve developed a relationship with a full-service provider and the provider has experience with your roofing system, they can find and fix the next leak faster. Hopefully, there won’t be a next leak but if there is, the provider will use the report and photos from previous repairs (providers who follow best practices keep careful records, including photos) to manage future repairs. And to recommend and complete pre-emptive maintenance, too.

8. A full-service provider want to earn your long-term trust

Roofing repair contractors that also provide re-roofing services want to build a relationship with you. They care about fixing your roof correctly so it doesn’t leak anymore but they also want you to choose them when it’s time to complete larger projects. Doing the job right the first time and giving you solid advice builds a strong reputation and relationship.

Sentry Roof Services is a full-service provider that’s dedicated to solving roofing problems, whether your commercial roof is big or small, new or old, or simple or complex. Our repair department focuses on your current repair need, but we also work with you to plan continued care for improved performance and an extended roof life-cycle. Our team takes pride in finding and fixing problems fast, delivering exceptional quality work at a reasonable rate and building long-term relationships based on trust. If you currently have a roof leak, please call Maria Kemp at 678-301-5555 or contact us online here.

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