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19 New Roofs For Balconies — But Not A Crane In Sight

Would you be comfortable working on a tiny platform with no railings four stories up? That’s what our crew had to do as we built 19 new roofs over existing balconies and patios. The new roofs will divert water away from the adjacent walls to keep it from entering the property.

No cranes. Just crew.

Ordinarily, we’d complete a project like this using cranes. However, high voltage lines near the 841 Memorial apartment complex in Atlanta made bringing in equipment extremely difficult — we’d have to close off the street to do it. So instead, it was all ladders and tie-offs for our crew.

Fortunately, the guys on this crew are used to that. And they got a beautiful view of the downtown Atlanta skyline while they worked.

The roof system we used on this project was a .60 mil Firestone UltraPly TPO SA (self-adhered) membrane adhered to a 1/4” tapered ISO 95+ GL Insulation system. The boards were mechanically attached at a rate of 4+ per board through the existing roof system. We added additional wood nailer at the perimeter edge, then, after appropriate flash off timing, adhered the wall flashing with Ultraply Bonding Adhesive. We finished the job with a TPO-coated metal drip edge that was stripped in with .60 membrane.

You can see how the project progressed in these photos, including the new Ultraply TPO walk pads that we installed (fully welded on all ends) to protect the roof surface from foot traffic.

If you have an unusual roofing project or a project with a challenging location, don’t worry — we won’t let that stand in our way! Sentry Roof Services is a full-service roofing contractor with an experienced team of problem solvers. Please give us a call so we can discuss your situation.

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