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Your Roof Is Telling You Something-FEATURED

Regular Maintenance: Your Roof Has Something To Tell You

When was the last time you had a roofing professional perform regular maintenance on your commercial roof? Your roof is exposed to a myriad of potential problems that can be caused by exposure to weather, UV rays, ice, debris, faulty repairs, rooftop traffic, improper installation, and other issues. Problems with your roof can lead to […]

Full-Service Roofing Contractor

8 Reasons To Choose a Commercial Roofing Expert Over Repair Contractor

No one likes to think about it but if you own or manage a commercial property, sooner or later you’re going to have a roof leak. If you don’t already have a relationship with a roofing contractor you value and trust, you might be tempted to contact the first roofing repair contractor who comes up […]

Commercial roof core sample

Layer Cake With Frosting? Photo of the Month

Before you start to get hungry, this is NOT a picture of a layered dessert. It’s a commercial roof core sample taken from one of the buildings at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. The black cylinders layers that look like chocolate cake are a combination of modified bitumen, insulation, felt […]

Replacing a Modified Bitumen Roof with TPO

Replacing An Improperly Installed Modified Bitumen Roof — No More Wrinkles!

By the time we saw the roof on this church in Norcross, it was definitely time to re-roof. In fact, replacing this modified bitumen roof years earlier may have been a good idea. But since it had only been installed in 2003, the church understandably had wanted to get more life out of it — a […]


To Be a Leak Detective, You Need To Think Like a Drip!

(UPDATED) If you were a drop of water, where would you go? That’s exactly how our technicians have to think to figure out where a leak is coming from. Sometimes it’s a challenge — leaks rarely follow a straight-line. To think like a drip, first you need to understand three things about physics Water is […]

Take-off Over TPO-FEATURED

Take-off Over TPO: Photo of the Month

This striking photo was taken as Sentry Roof is re-roofing the Delta Midfield Support building at Delta’s corporate campus — that might even be a Delta jet taking off over Wanza Hampton head. We’re doing most of the work on this 70,000-square-foot roof at night when temperatures are cooler and it’s more convenient for our client. […]

Re-roof Your Multi-family Complex-FEATURED

Top 5 Ways You Know It Might Be Time To Re-roof Your Multi-family Complex

When should you replace your roofs? On a specific timetable or not until you start having problems? The roofs that cover the buildings in your multi-family condo, apartment or townhome complex do an important job — they protect the units and everything in them. Knowing when it’s time to replace the roofs or just fix […]

How Hot Does Your Roof Get

How Hot Does Your Commercial Roof Really Get In the Summer?

(UPDATED) You know how walking across a blacktop parking lot on a sunny day can feel like the temperature just went up 20 degrees? It’s not your imagination – surface material has a lot to do with temperature. Move from the blacktop to the grass and you can instantly feel the difference. It’s exactly the […]

What's With All The Screws?

What’s With All The Screws? Photo of the Month

If you looked up and saw all these screws coming through the ceiling, you might think that something went wrong. But what you see is just right! To keep a roof from blowing off in high winds, the roofing materials must be fastened securely to the roof deck. The visible screws in this photo (and […]

When Commercial Roofs Go

When Commercial Roofs Fail, They Can Fail Big!

Have you been postponing re-roofing your commercial property for too long? This client found out the hard way what can happen when your roof is past its prime and commercial roofs fail. This EPDM roof was kept in place seven or eight years longer than we recommended but the property owner wasn’t ready to replace […]

Commercial Property Executive-Bill Lomel

Commercial Property Executive Features Bill Lomel

(UPDATED) Property managers are busy! In all, they’re responsible for dozens — if not hundreds — of details related to the various systems that make up a property. They’re accountable to both property owners and tenants, and they have to manage their internal staff plus the contractors and vendors they work with. Maintaining a roofing […]

Sentry March Photo of the Month- featured

Now That’s Precision: Photo of the Month

While you might think that measuring to ⅛” wouldn’t make much of a difference in roofing, that’s exactly what Sentry Roof does before fabricating our metal coping. Coping is installed on top of walls along the top edge of the building. It caps the wall and covers the roofing material for waterproofing purposes but we […]