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Your Roof Is Telling You Something-FEATURED

Regular Maintenance: Your Roof Has Something To Tell You

When was the last time you had a roofing professional perform…
Full-Service Roofing Contractor

8 Reasons To Choose a Commercial Roofing Expert Over Repair Contractor

No one likes to think about it but if you own or manage a commercial…
Commercial roof core sample

Layer Cake With Frosting? Photo of the Month

Before you start to get hungry, this is NOT a picture of a layered…
Replacing a Modified Bitumen Roof with TPO

Replacing An Improperly Installed Modified Bitumen Roof — No More Wrinkles!

By the time we saw the roof on this church in Norcross, it was…

To Be a Leak Detective, You Need To Think Like a Drip!

(UPDATED) If you were a drop of water, where would you go? That’s…
Take-off Over TPO-FEATURED

Take-off Over TPO: Photo of the Month

This striking photo was taken as Sentry Roof is re-roofing the…
Re-roof Your Multi-family Complex-FEATURED

Top 5 Ways You Know It Might Be Time To Re-roof Your Multi-family Complex

When should you replace your roofs? On a specific timetable or…
How Hot Does Your Roof Get

How Hot Does Your Commercial Roof Really Get In the Summer?

(UPDATED) You know how walking across a blacktop parking lot…
What's With All The Screws?

What's With All The Screws? Photo of the Month

If you looked up and saw all these screws coming through the…
When Commercial Roofs Go

When Commercial Roofs Fail, They Can Fail Big!

Have you been postponing re-roofing your commercial property…
Commercial Property Executive-Bill Lomel

Commercial Property Executive Features Bill Lomel

(UPDATED) Property managers are busy! In all, they’re responsible…
Sentry March Photo of the Month- featured

Now That’s Precision: Photo of the Month

While you might think that measuring to ⅛” wouldn’t make…