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fall maintenance every year

Fall Roof Maintenance: Why You Need To Do It Every Year

(UPDATED) Fall is the most important time of year to have your roof inspected and maintained — freezing temperatures could be right around the corner. If you haven’t scheduled your fall roof maintenance yet, you still have time. Here’s what you need to know to keep your roofing system performing well throughout the winter: Debris on […]

Manage Roof Costs 2019

How To Manage Roof Construction Costs In 2019

Right now, in September 2018, construction costs are high in metro Atlanta because of high demand. So if you plan to replace your roof in 2019 you may pay more for it than you would in a year when demand for construction services is lower — market principles prevail. While the pricing climate shouldn’t prevent you […]

How Long Does A Roof Last

How Long Does Your Type of Commercial Building Roof Typically Last?

(UPDATED) Your commercial roofing system represents a significant investment and is a business asset — but, like everything else, it won’t last forever. Do you know how long your type of commercial roof was designed to last? How long a roof will last is one of the most common questions we get at Sentry Roof so […]

Bloomberg Wages-Sentry

Bloomberg Businessweek Talks to Bill Lomel About Wage Stagnation

In their article entitled What’s Holding Back Wages in America?, Bloomberg writers Steve Matthews, Matthew Boesler, and Jeanna Smialek take a look at wage stagnation across different industries. Despite current record-high employment levels, wages actually fell in July. “To shed some light on what may be holding down pay, Bloomberg News reporters interviewed employers in […]

5 Big Changes in Modern Roofing

[Infographic] 5 Big Changes In Modern Commercial Roofing

When Sentry Roof Services was founded in 1982, things were a lot different in the commercial roofing industry. Safety regulations were practically non-existent, TPO hadn’t been invented yet, not much thought was given to environmental impact, and the cloud was a puffy thing in the sky. Much of what defines high-quality commercial roofing services today […]

Why Is One Commercial Roofing Contractor Cheaper Than Another?

If it’s your responsibility to replace the commercial roof on a property you own or manage, you’ll go through what many consider to be a daunting process — finding the contractor to do a great job at the best price. However, if you’re like many people (and organizations), you may tend to focus on the latter […]

Atlanta Heat Island-Sentry

Atlanta Curbed Interviews Bill Lomel About Atlanta’s Urban Heat Island Effect

Sentry Roof president Bill Lomel was interviewed by Atlanta Curbed, an online magazine that’s part of a publishing group that covers 14 cities, about how green roofs can help reduce the phenomenon called the urban heat island effect. An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that’s hotter than nearby rural areas. The hotter temperatures, […]

How To Choose Contractor Manufacturing Facility

How To Choose The Right Contractor To Re-Roof Your Manufacturing Facility

If you make, build or process something inside your building, you have a lot more to deal with than the typical property owner when it comes to re-roofing. Chances are roof leaks would not be good for business and neither would shutting down operations to deal with them. You probably have valuable equipment inside the […]

Roof Management: Maintenance, Repairs and Re-roofing

Roof Management: Maintenance, Repairs and Re-roofing — All Without Disturbing the Tenants!

The decision to re-roof your property is not one to take lightly. Yet nothing lasts forever, including your roof. For ten years, Sentry Roof performed roof management services to maintain and repair the roofing system on this 87,000 square-foot, multi-tenant commercial building in Stone Mountain, GA, to ensure it was protecting the property. The owner […]

Tax law changes commercial roofing

4 Ways the New Tax Law Can Benefit Commercial Roof Owners

by Bill Lomel and Robert L. Brown, CPA You know about the corporate tax rate change and changes to home and mortgage deductions, but did you know the new federal tax law impacts your commercial roof, too? Now you can expense your commercial roof in the same way you expense your equipment and machinery — that’s […]

Sentry Roof New Building

Sentry Roof Services Moves To A New Location

Sentry Roof has moved!   After nearly 10 years as a tenant at our S. Berkeley Lake Road location, we’ve purchased a building that’s more than 50% larger and suits our growing company much better. It’s located at 5430 Buford Highway in Norcross, GA, which is less than three miles from the previous location, so […]

Fresh Start With New Decking and TPO

Fresh Start With New Decking and TPO

When you own a multi-tenant commercial real estate property, the condition of your roof is important to your tenants — they don’t want leaks, especially if they have expensive equipment or a lot of square footage that’s client-facing. The back portion of this EPDM ballasted roof at 1230 Bald Ridge Marina Road in Cumming, GA, […]