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Infographic: Safety Equipment

[Infographic] How To Stay Safe On Roofs

Working on commercial roofs is serious business — every day crews put their safety on the line. With the proper training to earn their OSHA certifications, practice using the right personal protection equipment and fall arrest systems, and understanding exactly what to do and when, commercial roofing professionals work their entire careers without any safety incidents. […]

Top 10 Blog Posts 2017

Top 10 Sentry Roof Blog Posts of 2017

The commercial roofing blog posts that get the most interest may surprise you. Our posts at Sentry Roof run the gamut from technical information about roofing processes to advice about roof asset management to punchy infographics about all things roofing. The most popular posts tend to answer pointed questions — something people may be wondering about […]

Vegetative Roofing Systems

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Vegetative Commercial Roof?

As you’re cranking up the heat in the winter or AC in the summer, you might be interested in how having a “lawn” on your roof can help with energy efficiency.  This post is part of our series about the pros and cons of the most popular types of commercial roofs: TPO, EPDM, metal, slate and […]

Sentry growth

Growth Sparks Growth: Sentry Roof Welcomes Our New Staff and Opportunities

One of the most interesting things about the way Atlanta-based businesses have been growing lately is how their evolution impacts the companies they partner with. We’ve definitely seen it impact our company. For decades, Sentry Roof Services has run a successful business by primarily servicing our core accounts. Our goal has always been to provide […]

Ask The Expert Q&A: What To Ask About Fire Ratings and Codes When Re-roofing

Commercial roofing systems must meet or exceed building codes and insurance requirements. Sometimes roofing assemblies are part of the fire-rated assembly for the building, and sometimes they’re not. So when it’s time to re-roof your property, your roofing contractor needs to fully understand the role your current roof plays in fire safety and how to […]

35 Anniversary Sentry Roof Services

Sentry Roof Services Celebrates 35 Years in Business!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since my family started Sentry Roof Services. The company wasn’t named Sentry Roof Services at the time — and the name is just one of many things to have changed since we first opened our doors on October 21, 1982. I look forward to sharing some of […]

Sentry Roof is Hiring

Sentry Roof Services Is Hiring!

Sentry Roof is looking for people to join our team! Current job openings include positions in several different departments. We offer a superior benefits package and maintain a work environment that is team-oriented, supportive, and focused on safety. Highlights include: • Top pay for well-qualified applicants • Weekly pay • Healthcare options for you and […]

Delta Flight Museum

Slideshow: Precise Detail Work Turns a 747 Into a Museum Experience

We get to do a lot of interesting projects at Sentry Roof but some of them are truly one of a kind. This year we roofed…a 747. Well, technically we roofed the structures connected to a 747 but it was definitely the first time we used our expansion joint expertise on fuselage. Earlier this year […]

Sentry Roof Guide: Warranties

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties

Do you know what your warranties cover and which party is responsible for what? This is a good time to take an inventory of all your various warranties related to your property and see where you stand — no one likes surprises when it comes to budgeting. At Sentry Roof, we’ve covered various aspects of commercial […]

Hurricane preparedness

How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Hurricanes and Other Major Storms

We still have two more months of hurricane season to go this year so don’t let your guard down just yet. While it’s not likely we’ll get another Irma this season, metro Atlanta is no stranger to severe storms. No matter where you live, the best way to help your roof weather bad storms is […]

Atlanta First United Methodist Church

Slideshow: Atlanta First United Methodist Church — No More Leaks!

This summer Sentry Roof began working with the Atlanta First United Methodist Church in Midtown — its steep-slope, synthetic slate roofing system was leaking and we needed to stop the leaks and bring it up to warranty standards. There were many problem areas, mostly related to unfinished installation details, and water was leaking into the […]

Roof Maintenance Reasons

[Infographic] 7 Reasons To Get An Annual Roof Maintenance Program

Maintaining your commercial roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your roof asset and everything inside your building. Even new roofs need maintenance — roofs that are well-maintained from installation onward perform as required for an average of five to eight years longer than roofs that are not maintained. Why […]