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[Infographic] Why Sustainable Roof Design Is Smart Business

Designing sustainable commercial roofs is a mindset. It starts with the concept of not using more limited resources than you need, whether those resources are building materials, energy to heat or cool your building, or the money you use to pay for those things. When you design your commercial roof using materials and techniques that […]

How To Compare Commercial Re-roofing Proposals — 7 Key Factors

If it’s time to replace your commercial roof, you have a big decision to make — who will do the work? When it comes down to deciding between two or more bids, there’s a lot more to look at than the cost. It’s important to evaluate each proposal in its entirety and compare proposals apples-to-apples. […]

Sentry Wins Two Firestone Awards: 2018 Master Contractor and 2018 Inner Circle of Quality

Sentry Roof Services is proud to have received two prestigious recognition awards from Firestone for the second year in a row. The first is the 2018 Silver Master Contractor Award that’s presented to the top 5% of Firestone Building Products contractors. This award is based on total square footage installed, outstanding inspection ratings, and the […]

Roof Asset Management

How To Talk About Roof Management Strategy With Your Contractor

The more information you can give your roofing contractor about your property and your plans for it, the better. Reputable roofing contractors think and plan strategically. They’re interested in helping you meet your goals and developing a work plan that fits with your priorities and budget. Your situation is unique — your building, what you plan […]

Memorial Drive Sentry Roof

19 New Roofs For Balconies — But Not A Crane In Sight

Would you be comfortable working on a tiny platform with no railings four stories up? That’s what our crew had to do as we built 19 new roofs over existing balconies and patios. The new roofs will divert water away from the adjacent walls to keep it from entering the property. No cranes. Just crew. […]

Thermal Shock Sentry Roof

Thermal Shock: How To Protect Your Commercial Roof

Thermal shock occurs when changes in temperature happen so quickly that it stresses your roofing system materials. Rapid expansion or contraction can damage materials that have lost their elasticity. And since the different parts of your roofing system expand and contract at different rates, various simultaneous movements caused by quick, extreme temperature changes can cause […]

Guide Roofing Systems Featured

Guide to Commercial Roofing Systems: Pros and Cons

What type of commercial roofing system should you install on your property when it’s time to re-roof?  Start by knowing the pros and cons of today’s most popular options. This guide gives you an overview of eight different systems: TPO, EPDM, PVC, Metal, Asphalt, Slate, Tile and Vegetative Review your options along with your roofing professional, focusing on your unique building and your […]

CarMax signature metal roof

Slideshow: Custom Fabrication for CarMax Signature Metal Roofs

When CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used vehicles, needs to replace the signature metal roofs that welcome customers, the roofs must look flawless — and stay that way for a long time. Everything has to be just right, from the color and panel fabrication to the weatherproofing installation and finishing touches with blue caulk. If it […]

35 Years Already? Sentry Roof

5 Big Changes In Commercial Roofing Since My Family Founded Sentry Roof in 1982

My family started Sentry Roof Services in 1982. I was the first employee. Back then we were called Decatur Roofing. In the late 1980s we divided the company in two and then in the early 2000s we joined forces again. In between, we bought a number of businesses and even spun off a few. Back […]

Sentry Roof Informed Decisions

An Informed Decision Is Best: Roof Asset Management in 2018

The more you know about your options, the better your decisions. Sentry Roof believes your roof is an asset that should be managed like your other business assets. Knowing how your roof is performing, what choices you have when it comes to managing your roof, and what costs you can expect during each calendar year […]

Seasons Greetings from Sentry Roof

10 Holiday Wishes To You From Sentry Roof Services

~ May your flashing not fail ~ May your service personnel stay on the walk pads ~ May the hail stay away ~ May your drainage system flow freely ~ May your crews cut no corners ~ May your estimators not leave anything off their proposals ~ May you always receive warranty-level work ~ May your […]

60-Second Case Staplehouse

60-second Case Study: Staplehouse Restaurant’s Historic Building

The owner of Atlanta’s Staplehouse was struggling with a decision about the roof while renovating the building for her restaurant-to-be. The brick building was built in the 1900s — it used to be a general store, building supply company and hotel, among other things — and areas of the roof were not in great shape. The […]