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Reduce, Repurpose, and Recycle: How to Minimize Roofing Waste in Landfills

With landfill gases and air quality problems increasing due to more waste being thrown out, the roofing industry is doing their part to minimize roofing waste from reaching landfills. Many Roofing Contractors try to help reduce unnecessary replacement of material, repurpose used material, and recycle what can’t be reused or transformed. Reduce At Sentry Roof […]


Why Worry About Earthquakes?

Did you know that South Carolina had 12 earthquakes in the last 13 months? Did you know a building’s height can affect the real feel of an earthquake and tremors? With two earthquakes causing a stir over the past weekend in many parts of Georgia and South Carolina, businesses and homeowners should be aware of […]


Solar IS an Option for your Business

Does your business have 100,000 square feet of sunshine space that you would like to turn into solar energy for your company? Georgia Power has recently created the Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative to allow organizations to reap the benefits of solar energy.  Sentry Roof Services is offering a solar roof or land lease agreement […]


How Weather Effects Your Roof

Living in the South, we don’t experience a plunge of below zero temperatures very often. We definitely aren’t prepared when we have snow and ice, as well as 60 degree highs all in the same week. Our buildings share our aggravation and aren’t used to that roller coaster of temperatures. This thermal shock may be […]

Sentry Roof Tops Piedmont Driving Club With Signature Excellence

Atlanta, GA. It’s one of the most prestigious, beautiful and historic fixtures in the city. So when the landmark Piedmont Driving Club began to plan their recent renovations and additions, they didn’t want to compromise. They chose one of the most respected and trusted companies in the south: NewSouth Construction. When it came to the […]

Delta Air Soars With Praise For Sentry Roof

Atlanta, GA. When one of Atlanta’s biggest companies had a huge roofing project, they chose one of the most trusted names in the city: Sentry Roof Services. And the results put them in the clouds. Delta Airlines knew that Sentry had the depth, experience and manpower to replace the roof on their enormous Technical Operations Center. […]

Sentry Roof Adds SpecRight To Its Long List of Capabilities

Atlanta, GA. Just recently, SpecRight was launched as part of a NRCA initiative to help instruct the roofing industry on practices that are more environmentally responsible and energy efficient. Local area leader, Sentry Roof Services, jumped on board and is proud to announce that team member Bill Lomel has completed the timely and valuable training. SpecRight teaches […]