Solar IS an Option for your Business

Does your business have 100,000 square feet of sunshine space that you would like to turn into solar energy for your company?

Georgia Power has recently created the Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative to allow organizations to reap the benefits of solar energy.  Sentry Roof Services is offering a solar roof or land lease agreement so that your business can benefit from a free awareness platform, reduce utility spending, and position your company as an environmental leader in the community!

What is the Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative?

  • The Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative (GPASI) is an innovative solar energy purchase program that will contract for 210 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity during the next two years. Participants are chosen through a lottery system.
  • GPASI was primarily designed with the goal in mind to spur economic growth within the solar community in Georgia while offering pricing that encourages more renewable development and avoids any upward rate pressure and reliability impacts to Georgia Power customers.

In the roof or land lease agreement, Sentry Roof Services leases space (such as roofs, parking facilities, and open land) from companies to install and maintain a solar energy system. Throughout the life of the agreement (20 year lease), Sentry Roof Services will sell power generated from the system to the local utility. You reap the benefits of solar immediately once the system is commissioned.

In addition, the solar array can have other financial benefits during warm weather: solar panels shade the roof and decrease heat from the sun. Studies have shown that rooftop solar panels can reduce a buildings cooling load by as much as 40% and reduce ceiling temperatures by as much as 5° F.

While many companies want to adopt a solar program, sometimes the challenges associated with solar projects prevent them from doing so. Through a Solar Lease Agreement, Sentry Roof Services enables you to receive the benefits of hosting a solar power system, without having to assume the risks associated with the design, installation, financing, and management of these systems.

Ideal candidates typically include the following characteristics:

  • Owns the facility
  • Is a current Georgia Power customer
  • Has a roof, parking facility, or land equal to 100,000 sq ft or larger, which is unobstructed and has minimal shading from surrounding facilities

Participation in the program is limited as Georgia Power awards these projects via a lottery process.  We will need to assess, evaluate, and prepare applications before the beginning of March 2014.  Sentry Roof Services will handle the assessment, submission, and design for you.

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