Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s LEED-certified and near downtown Atlanta.

NTB01-S-Shadow (Spelman)

Sometimes you get to work on a building that is constructed from the ground up with the environment in mind — these are often our favorite buildings to work on.

Buildings that are LEED certified have met a combination of certain standards, earning points for things like energy efficient designs, constructing with materials that emit fewer chemicals, collecting and using rainwater for landscaping, recycling and otherwise diverting materials from landfill, and literally hundreds of other processes and practices that are great for the environment and for business.

Sentry is proud to have been part of this project in southwest Atlanta by installing the new roof.

Did you guess the building? It’s….

NTB01-Original 9828

Spelman College: The Suites Green Dorm

The Suites at Spelman College is an eight-story, 303-bed building that includes energy-efficient suites, a dining hall, a parking deck with preferred parking for hybrids and other low-emission vehicles, recycling stations and other features. It was constructed using sustainable principles and materials with 75 percent of construction waste being diverted from landfills.

From the Spelman College website: “The Suites are the first and only residence hall in the Atlanta University Center to be built with eco-friendly features and architectural attributes, and the first LEED-certified residence hall at an HBCU.” Also: The Suites consumes 30 percent less water and 21 percent less energy than a typical building of its size.”

LEED certification

Sentry installs new roofs, in addition to repairing, maintaining and re-roofing commercial roofs throughout metro Atlanta. If you want a roof that will help you achieve LEED certification for your building, let us know! We’re all about designing sustainably. We’re also among Atlanta’s most experienced installers of vegetative roofs.  


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