Top Features & Benefits of TPO and PVC Roof Systems

Careers SpanishWith over 30 years experience in the roofing industry, Sentry Roof Services has compiled their knowledge of the major roof systems.  We will be featuring the top 5 benefits and features of various roof systems in the multi-part series in 2014. We hope to share this valuable information to inform our customers and assist with any roof-related decisions.

  1. Reflective: A reflective roof is more energy efficient and can help lower heating and cooling costs.
  2. Lightweight: From a design standpoint, a roof that is lighter allows more options for future secondary roof systems being applied on top. It also helps to not exceed overall weight limits of the structure.
  3. Lower Cost: TPO and PVC roof systems generally costs less for the material than asphalt based roofs and it is less labor intensive equaling lower labor costs. This cost effective roof also takes less time to install.
  4. Durable Seams: The seams of this roof system are heat-welded to create a stronger bond versus using adhesive. This helps to prevent peeling or separation at the seams.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Since the material for the roof system comes in large sheets and can be installed without a stone surfacing, it is easy to maintain. The roof is more accessible and visible for easier repairs and preventative maintenance inspections. Since rocks or other additional material are not being moved, it is again more cost effective and less labor intensive.

Part 2 of this series will follow in June 2014.

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