Why Worry About Earthquakes?

earthquake-warning-signDid you know that South Carolina had 12 earthquakes in the last 13 months? Did you know a building’s height can affect the real feel of an earthquake and tremors?

With two earthquakes causing a stir over the past weekend in many parts of Georgia and South Carolina, businesses and homeowners should be aware of the disturbance this can have on buildings. The 4.1 magnitude Valentine’s Day earthquake didn’t cause any deaths, but the tremors were felt up to 150 miles away. With a 3.2 magnitude quake following only two days later, the risk of eventual damage is greater than normal.

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, are thought of as uncommon in Georgia. However, these quakes can create hidden problems that will cause you headaches later when your building has an emergency leak. The taller a building, the longer the shock is felt. The vibrations from an earthquake can cause a structure’s foundation, walls and roof to shift. If the building is older or not properly constructed, these components may crack, break, or tear. Though you may not see the effect of these problems immediately, repairs can be more costly the longer the damage is unattended.

From the roof’s perspective, it can shift from the walls causing cracks/tears, separation of wall flashings, or cracks in skylights. We are not in an area that has severe earthquakes with obvious destruction, so the damage is more hidden and may not be recognized immediately.

Protect your assets and investments by having your building regularly inspected, especially after major events like this one. Having a maintenance program in place for your building can decrease the chance of an unexpected disaster.

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