Sentry Roof Tops Piedmont Driving Club With Signature Excellence

Atlanta, GA. It’s one of the most prestigious, beautiful and historic fixtures in the city. So when the landmark Piedmont Driving Club began to plan their recent renovations and additions, they didn’t want to compromise. They chose one of the most respected and trusted companies in the south: NewSouth Construction. When it came to the roofing portion of this prized project, NewSouth chose Sentry Roof Services.

Sentry Roof has had a long history of providing quality, architecturally pleasing solutions to even the most challenging roofing designs. As a historic building, Piedmont Driving Club presented unique situations to troubleshoot and manage. Nonetheless, Sentry Roof was on time and on budget with their slate roofing, which was highlighted by impressive custom copper architectural metal.

“We were honored and thrilled to work with this outstanding facility that was so steeped in Atlanta tradition,” says Bill Lomel, President of Sentry Roof Services. “We (and they!) were extremely pleased with the result roofing design. We’re very proud to be a part of Atlanta history.”

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