60-Second Case Staplehouse

60-second Case Study: Staplehouse Restaurant’s Historic Building

The owner of Atlanta’s Staplehouse was struggling with a decision about the roof while renovating the building for her restaurant-to-be. The brick building was built in the 1900s — it used to be a general store, building supply company and hotel, among other things — and areas of the roof were not in great shape. The proposals she had gotten to remedy the situation all stated that restoring the roof was not an option and a new roof would have to be built. But the cost to reroof was high and would require a large portion of the startup’s budget.

Our team saw the roof differently. We saw that most of the existing roof was integrally sound. In collaboration with the general contractor, we were able to resolve the existing roof’s problems, incorporate the many newly required roof penetrations, and bring the entire roof up to a maintainable state.

This solution is allowing Staplehouse to get a plenty of new life out of its old roof — we believe five years of life, in fact. Sentry is also providing the yearly preventative maintenance for the roof.

staplehouse view 1Sentry Roof appreciates the opportunity to work on historical properties and is proud to be associated with Staplehouse. The restaurant is a for-profit subsidiary of The Giving Kitchen, which is a non-profit that “provides emergency assistance grants to Metro-Atlanta restaurant workers who face unexpected hardship.” All of the net profits from Staplehouse are channeled back to The Giving Kitchen. The mission is special and so is the food. Staplehouse made Bon Appétit magazine’s list of America’s Best New Restaurants 2016 and was a James Beard Foundation nominee for 2016 Best New Restaurant.


Photo credit, header: Andrew Thomas Lee


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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    Its rare that you get to work on a historical building, you got the opportunity and you helped the owner with complete honesty and integrity, gave them a perfect solution with in their budget, no wonder you bagged the annual maintenance task too. Also, it is a no brainer, when the time for roof replacement will come, a certain Sentry Roof will most likely get the order. Great job!

  2. Dave Tidd says:

    Thank You Ron.
    Our business can be a bit routine at times and the greatest satisfaction comes from the opportunities to view things from the customers need perspective. Offering solutions to meet the customers objectives while being transparent with risk and not over promising is a critical part of our service.

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