60-second Case Study: It’s All About the Brick at Gasket City Lofts

Brick, brick and more brick. That’s one of the things that gives this three-story, 1945 Atlanta building so much of its personality, both outside and inside. In 1998, Sentry Roof re-roofed Gasket City Lofts at the edges of downtown Atlanta and the Castleberry Hills neighborhood when it was converted from a warehouse to loft condos. Its massive exposed-brick walls, wood beams and arched industrial windows give it tons of character and authenticity — they’re all part of the original construction by the Southeast Gasket & Parts Warehouse, Inc. when it built the building to store gaskets and metal parts for the adjacent train lines. While crumbling brick teems with authenticity and is aesthetically appealing, it’s not so easy to maintain. Old brick leaks sometimes. So we continue to work closely with the condo association to maintain a watertight roof.

We like to think of it as a beautiful old British sports car. There are few things as stylish and good looking but you have to keep tinkering with it to keep it in tip-top shape. 

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