60-second Case Study: Trifecta of Solutions Save a Neglected Roof

A property manager called us about a business park with aging roofs that had been added to her list of responsibilities. Unfortunately, the previous owner had been using roofing contractors who didn’t follow good practices — the roofing systems were in bad shape.

There were three major problems. First, the flashing on an expansion joint that ran all the way across one building was faulty so it was constantly splitting apart and letting water into the roofing system. Repair attempts had been made but they didn’t work for long. Second, a lot of water was ponding by the roof drain on another building. And third, branches had grown up and over the roofs, which meant there were a lot of leaves and tree debris on the roof surface that were retaining moisture.

Our team tore out the old expansion joint flashing and replaced it with new flashing that tied into the old roof. We cut out the membrane around the drain where the water was ponding, added insulation to redirect water to the drain and then patched the entire area. And we coordinated with landscaping contractors to trim each of the trees in such a way that they no longer posed a threat to the roof while still looking good from the ground. All three issues were solved in a matter of weeks.

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