Seasonal Roof Repairs Prevent the Hostile Effects of Freezing

In the Atlanta area, snow is not that common but temperatures do often dip to below freezing overnight — and sometimes stay there for a while. Amplified moisture in the winter months is hard on any roofing system, so inspections and seasonal roof repairs are necessary to get the best performance out of your roof and improve its longevity.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Understand what freezing temperatures can do to a roofing system

When a leak or another type of issue is already present. Freezing can make it worse. During a freeze, water expands and some roofing materials may contract. This can make cracks worse and over time — along with the costs to repair them!

Scenarios where it’s wet outside and the temperature is right above freezing but then dips below freezing can create the worst effects. Each time this happens, water enters a crevice — including existing cracks or damaged seals — and expands and contract multiple times as the temperature fluctuates.

In addition, roofing systems in warmer climates may not have been built to withstand the additional weight and extreme changes that can be caused by a sudden freeze or unexpected snow.

Step 2: Identify any problems

Have a qualified commercial roofing professional inspect each of your properties every fall. The service should include (at minimum) debris removal, drainage system clearing, and complete inspection of your roofing system materials and penetrations. These routine inspections are recommended in both spring and fall — but especially in the fall — and often more frequently to identify any seasonal roof repairs or other repairs you may need.

In particular, your inspector should look for any issues with cracks, crevices and seals.

Step 3: Fix the problems

If there are any issues, take care of them right away to protect your roofing system — your inspector will show you photos or possibly complete minor sealing as part of the inspection process. Neglecting the issues that are vulnerable to freezing temperatures and moisture will only increase the amount of damage later on. So complete the repairs as recommended before nighttime temperatures dip down to freezing.

With seasonal roof repairs that are performed properly, your roof will be ready for the additional stresses of winter, with freezing and other harsh winter conditions taking much less of a toll on your roof.
At Sentry Roof, we know that timing is everything when it comes to protecting your property. We take inspections and repair recommendations seriously and will help you determine which seasonal roof repairs you need to complete and when. We’ve had a much warmer season this year so if you haven’t yet prepared your roof for winter, you still have time! Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll come inspect your property and make any repairs needed to prepare for winter surprises.

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