60-Second Case-Deere Lofts

60-second Case Study: Deere Lofts, Castleberry Hill in Atlanta

Sentry Roof likes to protect historic structures! This 1914 building next to downtown Atlanta was originally built for the John Deere Plow Company. We first re-roofed it in 1995 when developers converted it from a warehouse into condos in time for the 1996 Olympic Games. Nike rented the entire building (49 units) for the games. Then once the Olympics were over, we had to go back and re-roof it again because massive amounts of rooftop partying during the games trashed the roof so badly. Broken glass and cigarette holes do not help keep water out.

Our crews have been maintaining the modified bitumen roof ever since. We have worked with all of the property management companies hired by the homeowners association (HOA) and recently completed major repair work though BioPure Consulting that will extend the life of the roof. Upcoming plans include an exterior-wall refurbishing project — Sentry is slated to provide temporary roofing protection during the project and then we’ll tie in the roof once the wall is complete. Historic buildings are always interesting work!

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