60-Second Case-Towne Square

60-second Case Study: Towne Square Road Trip

Sometimes you just need to hop in the truck and solve the problem yourself. When we were installing the roof on the Towne Square Condominiums, a mixed-use property located near the square in downtown Decatur, Georgia, we had special ordered “Amazon” green clay tile for the roof’s steep-sloped sections — the tile is one of the property’s most distinctive features. We usually order more than enough tile to complete a new roof installation but this time we fell a little short due to unexpected breakage. We needed one more pallet to finish the job. But since the schedule was getting down to the wire, we were concerned the tile order wouldn’t arrive on time.

So rather than take the chance of missing our deadline, we sent our guys down to SantaFe Tile in Texas to pick up a pallet and drive it straight back. They were a little road weary but we finished the job on time as promised!

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