Agnes Scott

60-second Case Study: Agnes Scott College Historical Tile Roof

Tile roofs never go out of style and can last for a century. But they do need to be renovated every once in awhile. When Sentry Roof was hired to renovate the Letitia Pate Evans Dining Hall at Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts college in Decatur, GA, the first thing we did was remove all of the cracked, broken, or loose tiles and the underlying flashing. We inspected each tile — if it was in good shape, we were able to clean it and reuse it. The majority of the pieces were reusable, which, of course, is the ultimate in sustainable design.

Another great thing about tile roofing systems is you can buy the same tile styles now that you did in 1889 when this classic gothic structure was built (the building is a true beauty — it’s often used for weddings in addition to feeding students, like the one who drew this campus map in 1933). Sentry was able to locate matching tile to replace the broken or cracked pieces, and we also installed all new flashing throughout. From above (not ground level) you could tell which tiles were new right after the renovation because they were so clean but that doesn’t last long. Spotless or patinaed, those tiles will last 75-100 years.

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