Sentry Is Growing!

And as we grow, we’re using the most innovative tech tools to streamline our processes.

We’ve liked to use innovative technology to improve the way we deliver services since we first started doing business in 1982. From digital pagers, push-to-talk radios, digital cameras, and website contact forms to more recent innovations like iPads and integrated cloud systems, if there’s a better way to do something, Sentry is on it.

That’s why we recently implemented a new customer relationship management (CRM) system called FollowUp Power that’s been designed specifically for construction contractors — we’re excited about it. It’s cloud-based software that gives us the structure we’ve been looking for when it comes to managing communications for sales and estimating, and for tracking workflow before construction begins. Since everyone at Sentry is now connected to the same real-time software, including team members out in the field, we’re all on the same page so we can collaborate and share our expertise with one another easier and faster. Duplicate efforts and missed communications are a lot less likely, and we’ll be able to track and evaluate activities based on reports.

The entire process is more efficient and effective for our team, which means it’s more efficient and effective for our customers, too.

FollowUp Power is the latest cloud-based management system we’ve adopted. A few years back we started using the cloud for managing our service processes, including daily job tracking, truck routing, payroll, and other operational activities. If you’ve received a proposal or a report from us, it was prepared using the cloud. All of the photos you see in the proposals and reports are stored in the system’s secure database as well — which is great for tracking, planning, and historical reference.

Since the cloud systems we’re using are pretty robust, we’re glad to have had great training on how to use them! Our thanks to FollowUp Power’s Ryan Groth for coming from Florida last month to conduct our latest training sessions.

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