Infographic: Safety Equipment

[Infographic] How To Stay Safe On Roofs

Infographic: safety equipmentWorking on commercial roofs is serious business — every day crews put their safety on the line. With the proper training to earn their OSHA certifications, practice using the right personal protection equipment and fall arrest systems, and understanding exactly what to do and when, commercial roofing professionals work their entire careers without any safety incidents.

The key is to never, ever cut corners.

Here’s an infographic that summarizes the five types of safety equipment commercial roofing contractors use on the job. You can learn the details on our blog post, Commercial Roofing Safety Equipment: From Basic Protection to the Latest OSHA Requirements.

At Sentry Roof Services, we go beyond the guidelines.

We train everyone on our team to become OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified, and we get them certified by the Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED as well. Our equipment is the most advanced and effective available, including our mobile fall carts, and we inspect all equipment daily to ensure it’s in top shape.

Sentry Roof’s Vice President Rick Langheim, an OSHA 500 safety trainer who is also one of a few trainers in Georgia certified to teach high-fall rescue training, leads our in-house training program. If something is related to commercial roofing safety, Rick knows all about it! If you want to know more about how we use safety equipment on the job or how we develop a custom safety plan for each project, please feel free to contact Rick at (678) 429-7650.

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