Sentry Wins Two Firestone Awards: 2018 Master Contractor and 2018 Inner Circle of Quality

Sentry Roof Services is proud to have received two prestigious recognition awards from Firestone for the second year in a row.

The first is the 2018 Silver Master Contractor Award that’s presented to the top 5% of Firestone Building Products contractors. This award is based on total square footage installed, outstanding inspection ratings, and the number of Red Shield warranted jobs. Only the top 250 Firestone-licensed contractors across North America and Latin America earn status as a Master Contractor.

The second is the 2018 Inner Circle of Quality Award. It recognizes Master Contractors who have installed 12 or more warranted roofs in specific years over the past five years, who maintain at least two million square feet under warranty, and who achieve an annual QIR of 1.0 or less. (The QIR is a measurement of a contractor’s performance based on the number of warranty repair incidences that have occurred per million square feet.)

What these awards mean to our customers

Industry awards are a good indication of how a company compares to its peers. These particular awards from Firestone confirm that those who receive them:

  • Complete a lot of commercial roof installations

Earning either of these awards means a contractor has completed a lot of projects using top-quality roofing systems, particularly over the last few years. Customers can feel confident that contractors who complete this number of installations and have this level of experience have earned the trust of a lot of clients. In Sentry Roof’s case, the lion’s share of our business is made up of referrals and projects from existing clients.

  • Focus on doing things right

The quantity of work means much more when it’s backed up by metrics regarding quality. When a customer learns that a contractor has earned enough outstanding inspection ratings to place it in the top 5% of all inspections, it tells them something about how the contractor conducts its business overall. Earning outstanding inspection rates time and again means the company holds itself to the highest standards.

  • Meet strict requirements

Who’s giving out the awards matters, too. Firestone is one of the world’s top roofing material manufacturers and it sets a high bar when it comes to licensing its contractors. Contractors must meet even stricter requirements to earn points toward award status. When customers understand that Firestone is putting its brand reputation on the line to publicly recognize specific contractors, then they can interpret the awards as endorsements as well.

  • Are accountable for their work

Customers can feel assured that an award-winner will stand by its work, especially when the award criteria include performance results from past years. By requiring five years worth of qualified work plus maintenance of millions of square feet under warranty, Firestone weeds out contractors that have a couple of great years here and there. If a contractor consistently meets tough criteria year after year, it’s a good indication this is a company that customers can rely on.

Sentry Roof Services thanks Firestone for the recognition and thanks our customers for the opportunity to earn it.

Firestone event: Shop talk, tax policy and the Sonoran desert

Each year Firestone holds an event to honor its award winners and to discuss industry trends and product advancements. This year’s event was held in February in Scottsdale, AZ, and Bill Lomel, president of Sentry Roof Services, and his wife, Yara Parada, attended the event.

One of the key areas of discussion between attendees at the conference was how the new federal tax law may impact commercial property owners and roofing contractors. Specifically, the doubling of Sec. 179 write-off limits from $500,0

00 to $1 million annually could be a game-changer for some property owners. It’s an important topic that Sentry Roof will cover in our blog shortly.

Fortunately for Bill and Yara, there was also enough unscheduled time for a little time off to enjoy Arizona’s beautiful surroundings

Roof materials and managing your roof

Using the right materials for the job, installing them correctly, and standing behind our work is part of a larger picture.

At Sentry Roof, we believe it all starts with functioning as an advisor. We want to help our customers manage their commercial roofs like they manage their other business assets, which includes not only solving problems and managing risk but helping them understand the unique circumstances facing their roofs and the various options available to them. This is what helps customers make informed business decisions. If you’re interested in working with a roofing contractor who’s a team player (in addition to an award winner) we hope you contact us.

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