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Slideshow: Precise Detail Work Turns a 747 Into a Museum Experience

We get to do a lot of interesting projects at Sentry Roof but some of them are truly one of a kind. This year we roofed…a 747.

Well, technically we roofed the structures connected to a 747 but it was definitely the first time we used our expansion joint expertise on fuselage. Earlier this year the Delta Flight Museum hired us to be part of the team that converted the first 747-400 that Boeing ever produced into part of a museum for visitors to explore.

Boeing has discontinued building the 747 jumbo jets — newer jets are more fuel efficient — which now makes this famous 1960s-era plane museum-worthy. The 747 aircraft is 2.5 times bigger than the next largest plane, has an instantly recognizable double-decker profile, and has been featured in a lot of Hollywood movies, including Airport ‘77 and Con Air (remember those?). Some 747s are still in service, including the two that serve as Air Force One. The official Air Force One is whichever plane the Commander-In-Chief happens to be flying in.

While the total square footage of the Sarnafil PVC roof we installed was small, the impact is certainly big.

Take a look at this unique project slideshow and the detail work required:

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