The 747 Experience at the Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum located at Delta headquarters adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a new addition — the 747 Experience, an actual 747 that visitors can explore top to bottom. This 747 aircraft, or Ship 6301, is the first Boeing 747-400 ever to be produced. And it’s the only one that’s now a museum.

Sentry Roof is proud to have been selected for this unique roofing project early this year, which included completing four small roofs and the connections between the roofs and the entrances and exits to the exhibit. Hannan Construction built the structures that allow people to enter and exit the 747 — and walk out on one of its wings — and then we took it from there.

Swipe through the slides to see what we did (turn mobile device sideways for best viewing):

  • 1.

    The structure in front is the exit from the 747 museum that has an angled roof, and the structure in the background is the elevator shaft that has a flat roof and the entry vestibule that has an angled roof.

  • 2.

    The gaps between the roofs and the plane needed to be closed with expansion joints and made both watertight and aesthetically pleasing. The small piece of roofing material you see at the top was just a temporary seal for rain. The curved gap along the side of the plane needed to be closed up as well.

  • 3.

    Two roofs layered on top of each other that will result in a finished, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • 4.

    The finished expansion joint with a piece of roof membrane removed so we could show the inspector the welds underneath for warranty purposes. The circular t-joint patched covers another inspection pull test.

  • 5.

    Other portions of the project did not require expansion joints. This is the angled roof over the entry vestibule adjacent to the elevator shaft — the shaft here covered in black waterproofing material.

  • 6.

    It was cold during portions of this project! We had to break apart and remove ice that had formed and come back the next day to complete this section.

    Delta Flight Museum ice
  • 7.

    This is the second angled roof, over the exit stairs. We’re installing the second of two layers of 2” insulation on the wood deck as per the specs.

  • 8.

    We have completed installing the insulation on this section — you can see that this roof is attached to the 747.

  • 9.

    We are beginning to install the Sarnafil PVC roofing membrane over the exit roof.

  • 10.

    The PVC membrane being installed on the vestibule entry roof.

  • 11.

    Here the is fully adhered to the insulation on the angled roof and along the edge of the elevator shaft.

  • 12.

    The completed adhered PVC to the flat roof over the exit.

  • 13.

    The finished exit…

  • 14.

    …where you can see the completed expansion joint and curved area.

  • 15.

    The finished entrance and elevator shaft…

  • 16.

    …and detail work on the expansion joint aesthetics.

  • 17.

    The view from the front of the 747 Experience.


Client: Delta Air Lines

Industry: Industrial

Project Type: Roof Construction

Square Footage: 800 SF

System Installed: PVC