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Can You Name This Building? Oxford College

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: New Buildings and New Roofs on an 181-Year-Old Campus

Newly constructed, beautiful, sustainable, and enough space to sleep 350 — this college campus housing complex is located 40 miles east of Atlanta, just outside of Covington, GA. Sentry Roof worked in coordination with dozens of other specialty trades to complete the two L-shaped residence halls in 2008. They were designed and built to achieve LEED […]

60-Second Case-HJAIA

60-second Case Study: Wind Uplift Control for Atlanta Control Tower

It’s always important that a roof doesn’t get pulled off a building during high winds. But it’s even more important when the roof is on an airport control tower and dozens of planes are in the air. One of the projects we’ve recently completed for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is re-roofing the airport control […]

Focus Four at Sentry Roof

Commercial Roof Safety Training: Focus Four and a Whole Lot More

Do you ever think about all the things that can go wrong while working on a commercial roofing job site? We sure do! Falling off the roof is probably the first thing that comes to mind if you’re not in the roofing business but, as with all construction sites, roofers know there are plenty of […]


Commercial Roof Management Services: 6 Ways Preventative Maintenance Extends The Life of Your Roof

(UPDATED)  If you want your commercial roof to last a long time, take good care of it! The elements in Georgia — especially sun, rain and wind — take a heavy toll on even the best roofing materials. Combined with your roof’s age, how it was installed, the number of penetrations, the number and types of equipment […]

negotiating position

7 Ways A Commercial Roof Inspection Can Strengthen Your Negotiating Position

If you’re considering buying a commercial or industrial property, you need to inspect the roofing system as part of your due diligence — the roof is a key part of your investment. You need to know about the condition of the roof, its projected lifespan and warranty status, any idiosyncrasies, and other roof-related facts that […]

Infographic: Leak Detective

[Infographic] How To Be a Good Roof Leak Detective

Discovering the source of a commercial roof leak can be tricky — where water enters a roofing system and where it shows up inside the building is rarely a straight line. Here’s an infographic that describes the two types of knowledge a good leak detective must have to accurately investigate the source of a roof leak. When you […]

roofing adhesive in winter

Managing Roofing Adhesive Temperatures In Cold Weather

It’s been cold out there! But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to complete commercial roofing projects that require temperature-sensitive adhesives — you just need to be creative. Last winter, when our team was re-roofing the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, we used a multi-step process to keep roofing adhesive temperatures consistent during re-roofing. The […]


60-second Case Study: It’s All About the Brick at Gasket City Lofts

Brick, brick and more brick. That’s one of the things that gives this three-story, 1945 Atlanta building so much of its personality, both outside and inside. In 1998, Sentry Roof re-roofed Gasket City Lofts at the edges of downtown Atlanta and the Castleberry Hills neighborhood when it was converted from a warehouse to loft condos. […]

How Freezing Temperatures Damage Roofs — Inspections Matter!

(UPDATED) Freezing temperatures damage roofs. And even though snow is pretty rare in metro Atlanta, temperatures often dip to below freezing overnight — and sometimes stay there for a while. Inspections and seasonal roof repairs are necessary to get the best performance out of your roof and improve its longevity. Here’s what to do: Step […]

Happy Holidays from Sentry Roof

‘Tis the Season…

…for expressing the gratitude we feel toward all of our clients, colleagues, co-workers, families, friends — and you for reading this blog. We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and hope your 2017 is filled with love, friendship and prosperity!

Roof Repair Experts

Roof Repair Experts: 3 Ways Partnership Beats Quick Fixes

(UPDATED) Your roofing system is a critical component of your commercial property — you need it to perform well so it protects your property and everything in it. So when something goes wrong and it needs to be repaired, it’s best to choose roof repair experts who take a partnership approach instead of a quick-fix […]

CYNTB 2016 Featured Final

Can You Name These 9 Buildings and Win $250 for the Holidays?

** Congratulations to our winners, Idalia and Arturo! ** Thank you to everyone who participated. Here’s how the contest worked: If you’re the first person to correctly identify all nine of these properties roofed or re-roofed by Sentry Roof Services, you’ll win a $150 donation to your favorite charity in your name and a $100 […]