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Infographic leak-specialist

[Infographic] Two Types of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Services

Installer versus leak specialist — which should you choose when it’s time to fix your roof leak? There’s a big difference. Here’s an infographic that describes how each type of contractor typically approaches fixing a roof leak. Sure, you expect a leak specialist to have more training and experience, but a contractor who specializes in […]

60-Second Case-Glen Iris

60-second Case Study: Glen Iris Lofts Combines Old, New and Metal

This combination project across from Ponce City Market in Atlanta (it was City Hall East at the time) had a little bit of everything. It included re-roofing two low-sloped roofs, installing a curved metal roof on part of the building facing the pool, and installing a new roof on a new building. Glen Iris Lofts […]

Can You Name This Building Sentry Roof

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It Used To Be A School

What do you do with a beautiful old school when the city doesn’t want it anymore? Move in! After it’s converted into loft apartments, of course. This 1920s school is located in the eclectic and always-interesting Little 5 Points neighborhood on Atlanta’s east side. It was originally built as a junior high school in 1923 […]

Sentry Roof Gallery Page

Sentry Roof Gallery Presents 6 Landmark Commercial Roofing Projects

If you haven’t seen the new Gallery section of our website yet, you can take a quick look here. The Featured Projects section includes profiles of some of the most interesting properties we’ve worked on, including Solace on Peachtree that’s pictured above. We’ve chosen to feature these projects because they offer insight into the different […]

HJAIA North Parking Office

Slideshow: Solving Roof Leak, Drainage and Penetration Problems All at the Same Time

One of the best parts of being in the commercial roofing industry is being able to solve big problems. Even on small properties. Here’s a slideshow of a small yet interesting project we just completed for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The old roofing system was leaking, the metal deck presented issues when it came […]

infographic 4 kinds of roof leaks

[Infographic] 4 Kinds of Roof Leaks You Can Prevent With Maintenance

Who wants roof leaks? Not you! Here’s an infographic that describes the most common leaks your commercial roof can experience. But you can avoid these kinds of roof leaks. Have a professional inspect and maintain your roof. Most commercial roofs should have preventative maintenance at least twice a year. Another benefit of regular roof maintenance […]

Agnes Scott

60-second Case Study: Agnes Scott College Historical Tile Roof

Tile roofs never go out of style and can last for a century. But they do need to be renovated every once in awhile. When Sentry Roof was hired to renovate the Letitia Pate Evans Dining Hall at Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts college in Decatur, GA, the first thing we did was remove […]

Can You Name This Building? Sentry Roof

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: 3,200 People Go There Every Sunday

This historic building on Atlanta’s north side has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people for over five generations. Originally founded in 1910 as a Sunday school, it was chartered as a church in 1919 and has been in its present location since 1960. The facility has grown over time to include extensions, out buildings and […]

60-Second Case-Deere Lofts

60-second Case Study: Deere Lofts, Castleberry Hill in Atlanta

Sentry Roof likes to protect historic structures! This 1914 building next to downtown Atlanta was originally built for the John Deere Plow Company. We first re-roofed it in 1995 when developers converted it from a warehouse into condos in time for the 1996 Olympic Games. Nike rented the entire building (49 units) for the games. […]


Sentry Is Growing!

And as we grow, we’re using the most innovative tech tools to streamline our processes. We’ve liked to use innovative technology to improve the way we deliver services since we first started doing business in 1982. From digital pagers, push-to-talk radios, digital cameras, and website contact forms to more recent innovations like iPads and integrated […]

Anatomy of a Metal Roof Repair Sentry

Anatomy of a Metal Roof Leak Repair

Sentry Roof got a call about a leak at a condominium complex in Cobb County. Moisture was making its way into a first-floor apartment along the floor line of an exterior wall — it appeared the apron-style metal roof was to blame. The metal roof began at the building’s exterior brick wall and extended over […]

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s Curvy and Often the “Centre” of Attention

Maybe you’ve been to an event in the building on the right? Or maybe you’ve run into a mayor in the building on the left? It’s a complex that’s located in the heart of the second most populated city in Clayton County and ten miles south of Atlanta. It sits on a 27-acre property and […]