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Sentry Roof Gallery Presents 6 Landmark Commercial Roofing Projects

If you haven’t seen the new Gallery section of our website yet, you can take a quick look here.

The Featured Projects section includes profiles of some of the most interesting properties we’ve worked on, including Solace on Peachtree that’s pictured above. We’ve chosen to feature these projects because they offer insight into the different kinds of re-roofing and new construction jobs we complete and the unique challenges we manage while working on each property.

Click on the Featured Project image to view its portfolio page, and if you hover over the yellow numbers you’ll see some factoids about the job.

Here are properties currently featured:


The photographer for these project profiles is Nigel Marson.

Check back again with the Gallery for more. We add a new one every month or two.

Long-term business relationships

One of the things we’re grateful for after 30+ years in business is how many of our clients have been with us for decades. We’ve worked on most of the properties above on several different occasions over the years, often completing work section by section as the roofing systems need replacing. In between replacements, we can perform regular maintenance and complete repairs, and sometimes we do renovation work, which falls in between a repair and a complete tear-off.

We’ve found it works best for our clients for Sentry to operate as a trusted advisor and partner rather than a vendor.

If you have any questions about these projects or any others, please let us know. We love to talk about commercial roofs!

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