What's With All The Screws?

What’s With All The Screws? Photo of the Month

If you looked up and saw all these screws coming through the ceiling, you might think that something went wrong. But what you see is just right!

To keep a roof from blowing off in high winds, the roofing materials must be fastened securely to the roof deck. The visible screws in this photo (and in the larger photo below) are the mechanical fasteners that secure the base layer of insulation to the structure of the building. Without them, the roof would be susceptible to wind uplift — and failure.

An important part of estimating and installing this roof replacement for the Clayton County Health Department, and every roofing system, is adhering to the anchoring standards required for roof design and performance. The type, number, minimum length, and pattern of fasteners are related to the engineering requirements, building codes, and manufacturer’s warranty. Fasteners should be long enough to penetrate the roof deck by at least one inch. This requires planning and special attention when an insulation system is tapered.

Our thanks to project manager Mike Harvill for capturing our photo of the month and doing a great job managing this re-roofing project!

April 2019 Photo of the Month

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