Take-off Over TPO-FEATURED

Take-off Over TPO: Photo of the Month

This striking photo was taken as Sentry Roof is re-roofing the Delta Midfield Support building at Delta’s corporate campus — that might even be a Delta jet taking off over Wanza Hampton head. We’re doing most of the work on this 70,000-square-foot roof at night when temperatures are cooler and it’s more convenient for our client. During the morning hours, we do the detail work such as welding the seams of the new TPO roof as you see here.

This building is part of Delta’s world headquarters, which has been located on the north boundary of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport since 1941. Delta has been a Sentry client for more than 25 years. In all, we’ve roofed, re-roofed or repaired more than two dozen Delta properties, including another on the campus that’s one most unique projects we’ve ever completed — the 747 Experience at the Delta Flight Museum.

Our congratulations to Armando Zamudio for capturing the Photo of the Month!

Take-off Over TPO

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