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Re-Roofing Services: Four Reasons to Think About Your Commercial Roof as an Investment

Over time, a roofing system reaches the end of its life — there’s no getting around it. To protect your property for the long term, you’ll want to make choices about re-roofing services that will ensure performance and dependability. Don’t assume that having a roofer come out to replace it will solve every roofing system problem for many years to come. Your new (or repaired) roof is an investment just like any other renovation you make to a structure. Poor decisions based on good sales pitches or a lack of information can be detrimental to your investment.

Ideally, re-roofing services will be part of your comprehensive plan for your roof, with the process being informed by the repairs and continued maintenance you’ve been performing to properly protect your current roof.

Initial planning, material selections, installation methods and crew experience all play important roles in the quality of your re-roofing services — and the outcome! In most cases, you want a high-quality, long-lasting, warrantied roofing system that protects your property for as many years as possible. But in other cases, you’re looking for a short- or medium-term solution.

Here are four reasons why you should think of your commercial roof as a long-term investment:

  1. Your choices affect your bottom line

When you align your re-roofing decisions with your current needs and business priorities, you are thinking of your roof as an asset — this is the best approach. How long are you planning to hold the property? How far into your warranty are you? What condition do you need your roof to be in at the time of sale? How would the contents of your building be affected by a major leak? Would it make more sense to make major repairs now and postpone investing in a new roof? The answers to these questions can make a significant difference in your cash flow and your property value.

  1. Today’s options impact future roofings costs

When assessing re-roofing services, you’ll want your contractor to be up-to-date on all the latest commercial roofing options — this isn’t the 90s anymore and you have many more choices that affect value and longevity. Reputable commercial roofing professionals will walk you through the specifics and discuss why they prefer one option over another. If you can find a commercial roofer that’s also well-versed in business planning and finance, all the better! And when you choose a contractor that offers maintenance and repairs in additions to  re-roofing services, you’ll get the kind of hands-on insights you need to figure out what your particular roof will cost to maintain.

Keep in mind that other factors, such as available funding and the current state of your property, factor into your re-roofing services decisions as well.

  1. Your roofing choices affect your business operating expenses

If your roof was sustainably designed to begin with, you will probably be able to pay less for re-roofing it and retain more of your old roof than if it wasn’t designed sustainably. However, even materials from roofs that were not built to sustainable standards might be able to be recycled and used in your new roof, such as parts of the insulation. When you choose a re-roofing services company, choose one that knows how to recycle what they can and re-roof to specifically decrease your long-term maintenance expenses, reduce energy use, use runoff for landscaping purposes and use other techniques that improve your ROI. Examples of sustainable roofing systems include reflective surfacing, durable systems, reusable insulation and metal components, recycling and water management. Visit our value and longevity page for more details on how to increase the value of your roof asset.

  1. Going over budget may impact your company for years

A reputable re-roofing services contractor will provide a budget and stick to it, barring any unexpected surprises. The estimating process is very complex, and if the contractor is honest, your estimate will include line items you never thought of. Make sure to compare estimates apples to apples because the investment you make in your new roof isn’t available for other things! With comprehensive advance planning, a management process that involves the other contractors before they come onto the job, and troubleshooting ahead of time for areas that could cause problems during the project, the bid you get before signing off should be what you pay at the end. As with any investment, the more information you have up front, the better your decisions can be.

At Sentry Roof Services, our primary focus is on the longevity of your roof asset — it’s an important investment. We will provide planning assistance and in-depth advice based on your specific situation and need for re-roofing services. Our leadership team has decades of experience with all kind of commercial properties and we’re here to answer your questions and develop the most beneficial plan for you. Sentry Roof Services strives to provide value throughout the entire lifecycle of your commercial roof. Helping you stay on top of this critical asset is our top priority!

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