Sentry March Photo of the Month- featured

Now That’s Precision: Photo of the Month

While you might think that measuring to ⅛” wouldn’t make much of a difference in roofing, that’s exactly what Sentry Roof does before fabricating our metal coping. Coping is installed on top of walls along the top edge of the building. It caps the wall and covers the roofing material for waterproofing purposes but we also want it to look perfect — it’s often the only part of the roof that’s visible from ground level.

When we take the wall thickness fluctuations into account, we can correct for them visually. Here our crew is taking measurements at a new office building in Johns Creek. You can see how the wall extends a little past the wood blocking. These minor construction variances will not be visible once we’re done roofing.

Our thanks to our diligent and precise crews and to Superintendent Peter Saucedo for capturing our photo of the month!

Sentry photo of the month - full size
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