FEB 2018-Photo of the Month-FEATURED

Favorable Light: Photo of the Month

Sentry Roof superintendent Manuel Lopez snapped this beautiful photo at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Our crew is working on the airport renovation project — this shot was taken at the North Terminal, Entrance N5. In this phase of the project, we’re removing metal panels to repair the deck in preparation for a new roof membrane. The colored light you see is one of the features of the new dropoff canopies that protect travelers from the elements. The lights can be set to any color configurations — who knows what color they’ll be the next time you’re there at night. Working at night as well as during the day is one of the ways we can finish the renovation faster.

We have a lot of good photos to choose from in the past 30 days, but when we saw this one we knew we had the winner. Thanks, Manuel!

FEB 2018-Photo of the Month

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