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Commercial Property Executive Features Bill Lomel

Maintenance for Property Managers

(UPDATED) Property managers are busy! In all, they’re responsible for dozens — if not hundreds — of details related to the various systems that make up a property. They’re accountable to both property owners and tenants, and they have to manage their internal staff plus the contractors and vendors they work with.

Maintaining a roofing system that seems to be performing well can be pushed down on the daily priority list.

It’s understandable. Dealing with tenant-facing issues tends to come first because problems with the electrical, plumbing, or communications systems, for example, get in the way of doing business. Emergencies come up all the time. And if no one is complaining about a leak, managers can inadvertently get trapped in a problem-solving, whack-a-mole pattern and miss the signs that there are minor problems with the roofing system.

Bill Lomel, Sentry Roof Services

But if property managers don’t spot potential problems early, a minor issue can become a major repair (or worse) in the very system that’s literally the roof over their heads.

Bill Lomel, president of Sentry Roof Services, and the Sentry Roof team has been advising clients on how to properly maintain their commercial roofs for decades. In “View from the Top: 4 Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers” on the Commercial Property Executive website, Bill shares his four top strategies — they’re probably not what you think.

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