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Product Spotlight: Daylighting Systems

The best source of light is natural light. Though passive skylights have been in use for decades, they have been known for leaks, uneven distribution of sunlight – causing hot spots and unpredictable lighting, and not covered by roof warranties. Active daylighting systems are the new generation of skylights. Daylight skylights are designed to be leak free, provide even lighting throughout the day lowering your electricity bill, and are overall energy savers.

SunWave Daylighting System is one of these skylight products offered by Firestone Energy Solutions. The SunWave system features a double-glazed, acrylic, prismatic layered dome that provides superior light distribution when compared to sunlight domes. This technology keeps rooms bright enough to decrease your interior lighting during daylight hours by up to 70%. This system also passed a 200 lb drop test from two feet above, proving they are 50% stronger than building codes require.

“The SunWave Daylighting System captures and utilizes one of the most readily available energy sources – natural light – which translates into immense energy savings for building owners,” said Jeff Heneger, general manager for Firestone Energy Solutions, during the product release in 2010.

With the unique design of the SunWave Daylighting System, direct sunlight is dispersed to eliminate glare and hot spots. This is great for warehouse owners who want to save energy, but don’t want their products to be damaged by heat and sun exposure. The insulated frame leaves no metal exposed on the interior to help greatly reduce condensation. The SunWave Daylighting System is also backed by the Firestone warranty.

For more information about the SunWave Daylighting System, visit Firestone Building Products.


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