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The Best of 2018

We covered a lot of ground in this blog in 2018! From advancements in the commercial roofing industry to safety to advice about specific roofing systems, we do our best to keep you informed. 

Based on page views, in 2018 our readers were most interested the financial side of roof management, with the three of our four top posts centering on roofing costs. Readers were also especially interested in commercial roofing trends and strategic planning. Check out what other readers liked most.

Here are links to our Top 10 most popular blog posts of the year:


10. Thermal Shock: How To Protect Your Commercial Roof

How extreme temperature changes at any time of year can damage your roof — sometimes even split it open.

9. How To Talk About Roof Management Strategy With Your Contractor

Be ready to answer these seven questions your roofing contractor should consider when advising you about your roof.  

8. An Informed Decision Is Best: Roof Asset Management in 2018

Knowledge is power — here’s how to know if your roofing contractor has your best interests at heart.

7. Bloomberg Businessweek Talks to Bill Lomel About Wage Stagnation

Sentry Roof Services president, Bill Lome, was interviewed about the impediments to wage growth.

6. How To Compare Commercial Re-roofing Proposals — 7 Key Factors

While it’s tempting to look at the bottom line alone, look for these proposal differentiators to make your best decision.

5. Re-roofing the World’s Busiest Airport: 12 Days (and Nights) of Holiday Season Photos

Intriguing on-the-job photos of our crews getting the job done during the holidays.

4. 4 Ways the New Tax Law Can Benefit Commercial Roof Owners

Changes to how you can expense and depreciate your commercial roof give you more options.

3. Why Is One Commercial Roofing Contractor Cheaper Than Another?

The differences in prices between re-roofing estimates explained.

2. How To Manage Roof Construction Costs In 2019

How to think about roof management when the construction industry is in a boom cycle — should you re-roof or hang tight?

1. 5 Big Changes In Commercial Roofing Since My Family Founded Sentry Roof in 1982

Our company president talks about the most important changes he’s seen in the industry over the past several decades.

Posts coming up in 2019

Next year we anticipate an equal amount of interest (if not more) in financial topics, especially as the R-word (recession) is beginning to get tossed around. We also predict there will be continued interest in cost-effective and sustainable roofing strategies, retrofitting options, new technologies, and advice on how to deal with specific problems that managers and owners often face — you’ll see posts on all of these topics.

What topic would you like to know more about?

Is there something about your commercial roofing system or roof management that you’d like to know more about? Don’t be shy — shoot us an email or leave a comment on a blog post. Tracking page views is a good way for us to gauge your interests but the best way to is to ask you! We truly appreciate your input.

And we thank you for visiting the Sentry Roof blog!

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