Slate & Tile Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Slate and Tile Commercial Roofs

If your building has a slate or tile roof you can expect it to last up to 100 years or more — how’s that for longevity? The reason these roofs have been so popular for centuries (millennia, actually) is because

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Agnes Scott

60-second Case Study: Agnes Scott College Historical Tile Roof

Tile roofs never go out of style and can last for a century. But they do need to be renovated every once in awhile. When Sentry Roof was hired to renovate the Letitia Pate Evans Dining Hall at Agnes Scott

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60-Second Case-Towne Square

60-second Case Study: Towne Square Road Trip

Sometimes you just need to hop in the truck and solve the problem yourself. When we were installing the roof on the Towne Square Condominiums, a mixed-use property located near the square in downtown Decatur, Georgia, we had special

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NTB02-Knockout Featured.1000x632

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s an Atlanta Landmark Built In 1887

NTB02-Piedmont Driving Club-Knock OutThe roof is slate, the gutters and downspouts are copper and the building is in use by members most days and times. This is not your average commercial roof.

Standing on the ground, you can see that the roof design …

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